Delhi@2047 opens doors to ties with India Inc.

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Delhi@2047 opens doors to ties with India Inc.

Wednesday, 04 August 2021 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated Delhi@2047, a platform for fostering partnerships with the private sector, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and philanthropic organisations to achieve the vision for Delhi by 2047.

The Chief Minister said that the Government is not approaching the private sector to just write cheques but it needs their ideas, expertise, participation, and partnership to realise the dreams everyone has for Delhi. He said that everyone needs to work together to enable Delhi to transform into the city of people’s dreams, where even the poorest of the poor lives with utmost respect and comfort.

Kejriwal talked about the Government’s efforts for transforming the style of governance and making it solution-oriented. He said that if one has the political will to find solutions then they cannot be stopped.

The platform was launched in the presence of Jasmine Shah, Vice-Chairperson, Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi, Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Auto, Banmali Agrawala, president of Infrastructure, Defence and Aerospace and Global Corporate Affairs, Tata Sons Private Limited, Abhimanyu Munjal, CEO of Hero Finance Corporation and Chairman-Northern Region, CII, and Subhrakant Panda, MD of Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys Limited (IMFA).

While inaugurating the Delhi@2047 platform, the Chief Minister said, “I am very delighted to launch this platform. We had presented a small glimpse of our dream for Delhi@2047 in the Assembly while presenting the Budget. Delhi is like a gateway or a hub, being the national Capital, where people first arrive in India and then go to other places. People see India through Delhi. We have to develop Delhi as a global city.”

“We have to prepare a roadmap for how Delhi will be in 2047, when the country will complete 100 years of Independence. We had a vision in our budget this year for this point of view so we can start working towards it. There are some problems that we can fix in a year or two but there are also some long-term solutions that will go on till 2047. Our long-term goals include making Delhi’s per capita income at par with that of Singapore and bidding for Olympics 2048,” he said.

“There was a lot done in the field of education and health. The Government hospitals were in a despicable state but after forming the Government here we fixed them. We also started Mohalla Clinics, a network of polyclinics was formulated to provide a ‘Health Suraksha Chakra’ for each citizen because we have made accessing healthcare absolutely free,” he added.

Talking about the development in the power and services sector, he further said, “Today, electricity is supplied for 24 hours. We stood on the ground and got the transformers, cables, and old equipment changed in front of us. We worked on this for a couple of years starting in 2015 and now Delhi gets a regular power supply for 24 hours. We worked a lot in the services sector. There are over 100 Government services that you get on your doorstep by just making a call,” he added.

In its Budget for 2021-22, Kejriwal had unveiled a bold vision for Delhi by 2047 such as making the city equitable with per capita income compared to Singapore and every person, whether rich or poor,  having a high standard of living.

The Government had also proposed modern, world-class infrastructure and public services. Delhi shall bid for hosting the 2048 Olympic games and become sustainable in providing clean air and water to all its residents and resilient in fighting disasters.

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