Infertile woman conceives, thanks to ozone therapy

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Infertile woman conceives, thanks to ozone therapy

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Mrs Sudha Sharma (name changed) was married for 15 years but was unable to conceive. She had severe pain in abdomen and also backache. And she was very troubled as was not able to conceive. Her life revolved around this one factor for a while and gave her mental problems and restlessness.

She came to Dr Mili Shah and Ozone Forum of India and after examination and laparoscopy, it revealed adhesions in abdominal wall with infections. HFG report said that both her tubes were blocked. It also came out, that in her past, she had suffered from TB and she had taken medicines for the same which led to lot of side effects as these. She started ozone therapy and without any procedures or therapies, ozone was administered through rectal insufflation and finally ozone therapy helped reduce the blockage and infections in the wall thus helping her to conceive after 5months of treatment.

Infertility, in the recent years, in India has emerged as one of the most common health issues that affect young couples today.

Sedentary lifestyles with minimum physical activity, incorrect diet, coupled with various other complimentary elements like rising stress level and irregular sleep pattern are few reasons that lead to growing rise of infertility in young adults today.A

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