It’s raining snakes in city during monsoon

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It’s raining snakes in city during monsoon

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Within a span of 48 hours, a Delhi-based NGO rescued ten Cobras from various parts of the national Capital. As per Wildlife SOS, all rescued snakes are currently under observation at the NGO’s transit facility.

A four-foot-long Cobra was found at the Atal Adarsh Bal Vidyalaya located in Mandir Marg. The venomous snake was comfortably coiled up below a desk in the main office when a school employee spotted him.

 “The snake had become alert and transitioned from its relaxed stance to flaring its hood at the rescuer in a defensive display. Understanding the precariousness of the situation, he proceeded with caution, using a snake hook to rescue the agitated reptile,” a member of the rescue team said.

In another incident, a Cobra was found at a residence in Ambedkar Colony, a resident spotted the snake slithering along the floor of her kitchen. Other Cobras were found in the most unusual places — from generators to inside temples A three-foot-long Cobra was found in a small temple built inside a home in Bagdola Village, Dwarka. The residents were petrified and refused to enter their home until the Wildlife SOS respondent arrived.

The NGO also rescued a Cobra that was trapped in an unused bird cage from a house in Faridabad.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-Founder and CEO, Wildlife SOS, said, “Reptile rescue calls have become a common occurrence for Wildlife SOS during the monsoon season. However, a Cobra rescue call needs to be handled with extreme precaution since they are one of the four venomous snakes found in India. Our Rapid Response unit is equipped to handle such emergencies with care.”

Wasim Akram, Deputy Director-Special Projects for Wildlife SOS, said, “Cobras espouse a lot of fear from humans due to their reputation as a lethal snake.  However, it is important to remember that a Cobra never strikes unless provoked. We are glad to see more people prioritising not only theirs but also the snake’s safety.” The Indian Cobra is a venomous snake commonly found in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. The Cobras have numerous myths attached to them, leading to conflict with humans and abuse at the hand of snake charmers.

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