Three members of interstate gang held for ATM fraud

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Three members of interstate gang held for ATM fraud

Thursday, 11 November 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The Dehradun police have nabbed three members of an interstate gang from Haryana for ATM fraud and recovered 77 ATM cards from them in Dehradun. They have multiple cases registered in other states like Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana mostly for similar frauds. The accused drew police’s attention in Dehradun after a woman from Raipur area filed a complaint of ATM fraud amounting to Rs 2.75 lakh two months ago. The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) and Dehradun senior superintendent of police (SSP) Janmejaya Khanduri informed that the three accused used to loiter near the ATM booths to target those who face issues in using ATM cards. He said, “The accused used to ask for the password from the users on the pretext of helping them and then they later swapped the card with the counterfeit one. They also used cars with counterfeit number plates while carrying out the crimes.” He stated that the three culprits were nabbed from Haryana in association with Haryana police. 

“The accused revealed during the investigation that they mainly targeted old people and women in many states who faced difficulty in using ATM cards. Since most of the cards have a certain limit for withdrawal of money, the gang members spent the remaining money in online shopping,” stated Khanduri. The police are investigating their other criminal records and they will be presented in court soon.

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