Vaccinated people experience magnetic power!

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Vaccinated people experience magnetic power!

Monday, 14 June 2021 | Ubachak Mohanty | BALESWAR

In weird instances, some people in Baleswar district have claimed that their bodies developed magnetic power after taking vaccination against Covid-19. However, a similar experience is also felt among others who have not taken vaccination at all. 

As the news is spreading like wildfire, residents from nearby areas are thronging the houses of these people to see the phenomena as it is hard to believe it.  Such phenomena are reported from several other places of the district. Initially, it was Rajendra Mohapatra, an auto-rickshaw driver of Maliani village in the Nilgiri area, who claimed that steel and iron articles including coins, spoons, forks, knives, tongue cleaners and bike keys, etc., are sticking to his body due to the so-called magnetic power.

Not only Rajendra experienced the magnetic power, some of his relatives who have been vaccinated also claimed to have had the effects of similar power.

Besides the Nilgiri area, another two similar cases were reported from the Remuna area. One Krushna Kumar Behera, a resident of Samuraipur, claimed that he is experiencing similar magnetic power in his body after getting vaccinated.

Notably, most of them have taken the first dose of vaccination and are waiting for the second one.

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