Home is where the he(art) is

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Home is where the he(art) is

Monday, 01 November 2021 | Niraj Johri

Home is where the he(art) is

During this festive season, dazzle your house with these décor ideas by Niraj Johri

Our home is our personal haven, our cozy space where we unwind after a hard day, replenish our energy reserves and rejuvenate our souls. The ambience of our home reverberates through our aura.  The way we create imprints of our personality on our homes, our spaces also leave their mark on our persona. When we surround our home environment with positive energy, it transcends to our mood and elevates our sense of being. And what better time to infuse a vibrant touch into interiors than the festival season? With festivities round the corner, it’s time to imbue a bright new aura into your living spaces.

Flowering glory

The joie de vivre that fresh flowers bring is unparalleled. They brighten up dull spaces, permeate fresh aroma and even have healing properties. Move over marigolds and roses, and choose something unique and refreshing this festive season. Whether you like exotic flowers like orchids, anthuriums, tulips and lilies or dainty ones like daisies and forget-me-nots, there’s something for everyone. You can go for delicate arrangements or elaborate ones, depending on your personal style. Even single stems in mason jars peppered around the room can instantly enliven the space. Decorate your favourite flowers in pretty vases and wake up to a concert of enchanting aromas.

Bring the greens in

While flowers beautify the space, greens work like a charm. They refresh and rejuvenate, and permeate infinite calm. From ferns and palms to bonsais and creepers, potted plants energise spaces like nothing else. Enhance the beauty of your greens with pots and planters in myriad shapes, sizes and designs. With a vast variety of planters in contemporary and classic styles, you are spoilt for choice. Amplify the ornamental value of your greens with chic metal pots and planters. Several planters of varying heights clubbed together can create an interesting focal point. Alter the arrangement and change the look, each time, every time. 

Click it, frame it

Pictures are like memory-boxes, they capture precious moments for eternity, and bring a smile to your lips every time you see them. Photo-frames allow you to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce those unforgettable moments again and again. Enlarge your favourite picture as a canvas on a wall or create a picture collage in your lobby, photo frames can turn your home into a mini art gallery. The best part — you can keep changing pictures according to your mood or a special occasion, to create a fresh look every time. While ornate frames in metallic shades can instantly create a royal look, wooden frames in vibrant hues exude a boho-chic vibe. Take your pick from the vast variety of frames available and elevate your décor.

Let’s get artsy

Nothing spells aesthetic more than art and artifacts. Unconventional décor pieces like miniatures, figurines, sculptures and décor accents accentuate the regal touch of your home. Whether it is a metal tray to host your trinkets or a motorbike sculpture carried as a trip memorabilia, it’s time to flaunt them all. Quirky décor accents in metal and wood add a flair of panache to any space. Recreate a royal vibe with abstract art work in sleek silver or muted gold. If it is bohemian that you fancy, choose from eclectic artifacts in wood and distressed textures. Surrender to the charm of art, and let your interiors exude a unique aura. 

Books to set you free

Anna Quindlen once said, ‘I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.’ And we can’t agree more! Add a touch of glam to your books with bookends made of unique materials. Bookends can spruce up those reading nooks in more ways than one. Bring a slice of quirky with murals and artsy styles, add a royal touch with antique designs or modernise your space with contemporary pieces. Bookends can help you sprinkle a touch of culture to your interiors and create conversation starters for your guests.

Enlighten and enliven

When in doubt, add more lights. No festive décor is complete without lights. Fairy lights, floor lamps, wall scones and chandeliers — lights enliven a space effortlessly. Soft mellow lighting gives a cozy glow to the interiors. Add a row of tea lights at the entrance to create a welcoming aura. Tiny lanterns lined up at the edge of console units and buffets create an appealing look, with minimum effort. String a fairy light on a mirror to brighten up any space.  If you have a fountain or water-body outside your house, place a few lanterns alongside, and see how they light up your home.

Festivals are all about understated glamour. Bedazzle your guests and fabricate a refreshing aura with your special touch. Just go with your instincts, let your imagination run wild, ditch those rules and see what a resplendent look you can create. This festive season,  infuse novelty into your interiors with your creativity. Get ready to shimmer and shine!

(The author is the founder of and CEO at Casa Décor, a home décor brand.)

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