Relax and rejuvenate

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Relax and rejuvenate

Monday, 01 March 2021 | Team Viva

Relax and rejuvenate

Transform your bathroom into your very own personal wellness retreat

For many of us, the pandemic has been a time to figure out our mental belongings and get back to basics. This, at times, meant hours of scouring for home remedies, aimlessly fishing for YouTube videos on wellness and rediscovering the bounties of homemade face packs. This year also rekindled our love and attention to nature’s elements like water, air, heat and light and how these can work wonders for your body and mind. Each of these elements should be at play when you create the wellness zone in your home for complete healing and rejuvenation. The bathroom is considered the ideal place for personal care routine. So, it would be worth transforming it to your very own personal wellness retreat. Here are a few Jaquar wellness range products that can help you do that.

Kubix Prime Whirlpool: Bring wellness into your home with great style and panache. The jets project water in a flowing, circular motion, which offers a wide array of health benefits, including relaxation, improved blood circulation and sore muscle and joint relief. Everything your heart desires, whether hot or cold water massages, long relaxing soaks or even chromo therapy, this can give it all.

Hydrozone Swim Spa: It is a technological marvels, created to let you relax and restore equilibrium. Here, the ‘well-being circuits’ comprise of various seats and a common footrest. Each seat is strategically fitted with different types of massage jets in various positions, oriented to massage different parts of the body. By moving from one seat to the other, one can enjoy a complete and satisfying massage which stimulates and relaxes all parts of the body.

Kubix Sauna: The bathhouse or room, made of wood, uses dry heat to induce perspiration, with steam being produced by pouring water on heated stones. Perspiration or sweating is one of the main ways our bodies get rid of the traces of hundreds of toxins. 15 minutes in a Sauna can help us sweat as much as we might otherwise do over an entire day or more. And the benefits range from relieving common cold symptoms to aiding in medical conditions like chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, and even cardiovascular and skin conditions.

Archimede Steam Cabin: An enclosure which may just become your safety zone. Functioning on humidifying water vapour which is produced from a high-quality steam generator provides you with the perfect location to forget all your worries for one day. Meant to nourish and cleanse your skin as well as your mind.

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