Ultimate parking hacks

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Ultimate parking hacks

Monday, 03 May 2021 | Pioneer

Ultimate parking hacks

Find the perfect spot in five simple ways. By Chirag Jain

The ordeal of finding a parking spot to park is daunting. Standing in the queue and waiting for your chance to park your vehicle, or constantly roaming around in the hope of finding that one spot is indeed a cumbersome process.

However, this can be managed efficiently with a few simple hacks.

Reverse parking

This is one of the most basic yet feasible parking solutions one could ever provide you. Whenever you visit an extremely crowded venue, be it festivals, concerts, sports matches, etc. you often find yourself in a fix. You struggle with finding a parking spot and then exiting the place seems to be a hassle. In situations like these, reverse parking comes to the rescue. This will not only save time but efforts as well as you will be able to make a smooth exit.

For those who are amateur drivers, all you need to do is spot two spots before an empty parking space. Check for any passing car or people and once the way is clear, you just need to turn the vehicle.

Pro parallel parking

All one has to do is place your car two feet ahead of the vehicle parked right after you. Then, you need to cut your wheels towards the right and simultaneously reverse your car. You need to keep doing so till the time the license plate of the car behind you is clearly visible in the side view mirror. Straighten the car and back it up until you are right before the other car and you will have parked the car in a parallel manner.

It might seem complicated but is extremely simple when it comes to execution. However, not many people are aware that this is one of the viable parking hacks and helps a lot of space, time, and efforts.

Slope parking

Parking on the slope is another dreadful situation that many of us often refuse to face. All you need to do is park parallel on the incline next to the curb. However, your steering should always be away from it to avoid the occurrence of accidents. While parking down the slope, you need to turn your steering towards the curb that is in the opposite direction.

In cases when there is no curb, you just need to turn your wheel to the right, and voila! You would successfully park your vehicle on the slope!

When it’s cold, be a sunflower

This parking solution is specifically for people living in cold or snowy regions. In these regions, parking amidst the snow and frost can be a major issue. However, by following the simple rule of science and parking your wheels facing the east direction will allow the sun rays to directly fall on the windshield. This sunflower technique will help in de-frosting them in the morning and will help save the scraping time as well.

Parking the app way

There are scenarios when even after knowing all the tips and tricks, you still struggle with getting the right parking spot. In the present digital times, smart parking apps help resolve this issue. They make use of the state of the art predictive software, ultrasonic sensor systems, and help in real-time data collection, analysis, and algorithm application.

All you need to do is input your destination on the app and it will share information about the available vacant parking spaces in your desired destination or in its proximity. Using the parking app will save you from the aimless roaming around in search of that one spot.

The author is co-founder and CEO, of a tech start up that integrates parking and mobility globally

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