Taliban new diktat: All girls to solemnise marriage after attaining age of 20 years

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Taliban new diktat: All girls to solemnise marriage after attaining age of 20 years

Saturday, 25 September 2021 | PNS | New Delhi

After leaving out the women leaders from induction in the interim Cabinet in Kabul, the Taliban has now issued a diktat asking all girls in that country to solemnize marriage after attaining the age of 20 years in line with the Sharia laws.

Widows below 35 years of age whose husbands were killed during the previous regime must register their names with the local Taliban leaders who would facilitate their marriage with the Mujahideens.

In order to strengthen Islamic ethics, all girls above 20 years will need to get married, according to a written order of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan All parents are requested that girls aged 18 years and wish to attend universities need to marry so that they can go to the campuses with their husbands.

According to the order, these measures have been issued to strengthen Islamic laws. The Taliban has also asked all women to refrain from joining any office till a decision in this regard is taken by the outfit. Experts termed the move as retrograde and inhuman. Founder President of Afghanistan Republic Salvation Front Ajmal Sohail said,  “The Taliban must adhere to its commitment to form an inclusive government with rights for women. Such medieval moves will nullify the progress made over the last two decades and women will be left behind in education which will ultimately also affect their children.”  Counter-Terrorism expert Dr Rituraj Mate said.

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