The Director of the famous Doon International School launches multiple books

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The Director of the famous Doon International School launches multiple books

Tuesday, 29 November 2022 | Agencies

The Director of the famous Doon International School launches multiple books

Books act as a gateway that transports a person into a different universe. It not only makes us knowledgeable but also develops creative thinking and visualisation abilities. A philomath is a person who loves to learn and study various fields. Dr JasmitSahani is that person. Dr Jasmit is the Director of the prestige Doon International School. He has valuable insights and unique perspectives on India’s history, the Modern Era and the Ancient Era as well. To share his wisdom and insights, he is publishing multiple books that will enable the audience to look at things with a fresh perspective.

Dr Jasmit Sahani is a PhD with a keen interest in photography and exploring the hidden and unrevealed aspects of rich Indian History. His books revolve around history, personalities and events that haven’t received the attention they deserve. While being an avid reader and author, Dr Jasmit Sahani has also expertise as a theoretical physicist, psychological illusionist, musician, photographer, writer, motivational speaker, hypnotist, fitness expert, philosopher, and Rubik's Cube Expert.

When asked to share the aim behind publishing his books, Dr Jasmit Sahani replied, “With incomplete or wrong historical knowledge, we have been feeling inferior in front of the world, despite having a glorious history including modern and Ancient Eras. My mission is to provide complete and correct information on our history and encourage our youth to feel proud of their culture and motivate them to contribute their efforts to make our society and Country strong.”

Dr Jasmit Sahani is a recognised author in the Author’s field for his extremely knowledgeable manuscripts. The books Dr Jasmit plans on publishing one by one are Brain Secrets, Mahabharat Psychology, Ishwar are Vigyan, Shri Ramayan Katha and, The Rider of Time. Furthermore, Dr Jasmit has been felicitated on multiple occasions for his incredible contribution to the field of Literature. In 2021, he was awarded Sahitya Ratna Samman by a Cabinet Minister. In 2022, he was honoured on two occasions: (a) Awarded Kavya Bhushan Samman on 30th April by Padma Shri singer Anup Jalota and (b) Atal Ratna Samman on 10th June by a Member of Parliament.

“Every person living in this country has a huge responsibility to contribute to the development of our country according to his strength. We cannot run away from this coz whatever happens inside the country, affects us in its way,” shares Dr Jasmit Sahani. His books are valuable and a must-read for today’s generation.


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