‘Prostrate cancer 3rd most common cancer in Indian males’

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‘Prostrate cancer 3rd most common cancer in Indian males’

Tuesday, 06 September 2022 | Archana Jyoti | New Delhi

With prostate cancer increasingly becoming common among men particularly in metros — it has moved from being the eighth most common cancer in males in 1990s to the third rank by 2015—the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has released a set of draft guidelines for the management of the disorder that affects mainly elders above 50.

According to the Government data, there were 37416 reported prostate cancer cases in 2016 in India which will increase to 41532 in 2020. Prostate cancer incidence is expected to increase to over 47,000 cases by 2025.

Seeking comments from the scientific community on the draft, the ICMR has however clarified that the  ‘Draft Consensus Document for Management of Prostate Cancer’ represents the current thinking of experts on the topic based on available evidence.

“This document has been developed by national experts in the field and does not in any way bind a clinician to follow this guideline verbatim. One can use an alternative mode of therapy on the basis of discussions with the patient and institution and national or international guidelines,” said the ICMR.

It also made it clear that the mention of pharmaceutical drugs for therapy does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use but serves as a guide for clinicians in complex decision-making processes.

According to a draft document which has been prepared ‘as an outcome of ICMR’s Subcommittee on Prostate’, cancer appears to be a growing problem in males in India. According to various studies, six out of ten cases are diagnosed in men over 65, but less than 1% in men under 50. Though uncommon, prostate cancer can be seen in men even in their 30’s and 40’s.

As per the NCDIR database, prostate cancer features amongst the top 10 cancers in urban cancer registries of Bangalore, Delhi, Bhopal and Mumbai. However, in rural areas, it seems to be less of a menace.

“Prostate cancer has moved from being the eighth most common cancer in males in the 1990s to being the third most common cancer in Delhi and Mumbai by 2014. Similarly, in Bangalore, it has become the third most common cancer from being seventh in 1990s.

“ Prostate cancer numbers constitute about 3% of total cancer cases in the country. Mean age of incidence of prostate cancer in India is 69.7 years,” as per the draft document which gives insight of clinical status, evidence and mode of therapy for low risk, intermediate risk and high risk prostate cancer for the perusal of the health experts in the sector.

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