Police probe cannibalism, organ trade angles in Kerala human sacrifice case

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Police probe cannibalism, organ trade angles in Kerala human sacrifice case

Monday, 17 October 2022 | Kumar Chellappan | KOCHI

nInterrogation of Mohammed Shafi, Bhagawal Singh and Laila, the three accused in the human sacrifice at Pathanamthitta  has given new leads to the police which are inquiring into the possibilities of cannibalism and human organ trade.

Sources in the investigation team disclosed that many internal organs from the two slain bodies have gone missing. “There were no lungs, livers, kidneys in the bodies of Roseli and Padma, the women who wer sacrificed as part of the ritual,” said a member of the investigating team. The post mortem reports say that the dead bodies have been cut by a person who is familiar with human anatomy. Though Shafi conceded that he had worked as a mortuary assistant and was versed in handling dead bodies, the cops do not rule out the possibilities of an outsider in the “mission”.

Yet another factor that has caused anxiety among the police is the revelation by the husband-wife of Bhagwal and Laila that Shafi had assured them that they would get lakhs by selling human flesh. The hacked bodies were preserved in the refrigerator in the residence. The refrigerator has  stains of human blood in it. The investigators also came across pressure cooker which had been used to cook the flesh.

The police are also taken aback by reports going around Kochi that Shai could have sold cooked human flesh through the eatery owned by him in Ernakulam. Organs could be harvested from the bodies only by well-trained medical doctors and this is what worries the investigation team.    

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