Healthcare made easy

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Healthcare made easy

Tuesday, 05 April 2022 | SUPRIYA RAMESH

Healthcare made easy

Seva at Home is a remote healthcare service provider offering quality care to people who live far away from home. SUPRIYA RAMESH speaks with ATUL GANDHI to know more

What is Seva At Home about?

Founded in 2019, the award-winning Seva At Home (SAH) is India’s leading health and wellness concierge. This technology-enabled platform offers comprehensive healthcare services to individuals, corporates as well as to non-profits. Our mission is to be the trusted health & wellness advisor for every family.

While technology is the backbone of our services, Seva At Home is about making affordable, quality, and compassionate healthcare accessible to more and more people.

What are the services you provide?

We offer healthcare at home, 24x7 tele consultations with doctors and empanelled specialists, post-hospitalisation and chronic care, elder care, convalescent care, palliative care, ambulance services, corporate medical rooms, full-body health checkups, speciality-specific rehabilitation programs, nutrition guidance and mental health support.

What is Seva PRO?

Building on the early success of its direct to customer business proposition, in January 2021 Seva PRO was launched. PRO, which stands for People/Patient Related Outcomes, is SAH’s B2B vertical focused on the well-being of employees at corporates and institutions who subscribe to the robust portfolio of wellness, health and medicare services. This can range from stationing a doctor in the office and home healthcare, to webinars, health check-ups, and COVID-19 assistance.

According to you, how has the healthcare sector evolved over the years?

We’ve seen myriad changes across various fronts. People are more willing to engage with digital modes of healthcare, such as telehealth and digital records. This is, of course, a direct consequence of the pandemic, but people are recognizing the ease of virtual appointments and the convenience that comes with it. We’re seeing many other start-ups, and even the government, enter this digital health space. There is also a collaborative spirit in the sector, between start-ups, government entities, and so forth. This is helping ease the burden on the industry, and fostering innovation.

Where do you see SAH in the next five years?

By 2027, we expect to touch the 1 million customers landmark with our range of affordable health services. We are focusing on strengthening our technology and believe that digitalisation of health services will play a pivotal role in taking quality healthcare to the masses.

In parallel, we will continue to expand our reach by increasing our presence to 100+ cities by the end of 2023 and enhancing our regional language capabilities. Currently, our healthcare services are available in 9 languages. We are targeting to increase that to 15 languages by 2023.

How is SAH different from other similar service providers?

At Seva At Home, our commitment to safety is unparalleled.  Every family has to trust the care that we are providing, they need to know that the caretakers who are coming to their homes have been verified. We understand this, and have enlisted an independent agency to carry out all verifications. Our criteria for care providers is stringent, and we look for those who know how to carry out every element of the job, and are also compassionate. Healthcare is not a transaction, and the Seva At Home team goes above and beyond to make sure that each patient and customer has a quality experience.

All our staff is trained and not just query solving but to do so with a “seva bhav”, understanding the pain points of the customers.

We have also leveraged technology to enhance all points of the customer’s journey, and being able to personalise guidance for each customer taking into the view their past medical history.

How do you promise to stick to your offerings?

Through regular training, building strong operational processes, as well as monthly check-ins on our customers by senior management. Every month, one person from the management team calls customers at random to get their feedback on their experience. This, along with quarterly research on why we lost certain customers, helps us better understand the problems our customers are facing so we can improve our processes and services.

Atul Gandhi is Founder and CEO, Seva At Home

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