Automatic Waste Segregation is crucial for optimal recycling of waste. Is India prepared?

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Automatic Waste Segregation is crucial for optimal recycling of waste. Is India prepared?

Wednesday, 14 December 2022 | Agencies

Automatic Waste Segregation is crucial for optimal recycling of waste. Is India prepared?

India now in the race of fastest growing nations in GDP, at the 5th position is also challenged by many tasks that are coming ahead. One of them is the problem to solve the waste management issue across metropolitan cities. Why is it one of the most important tasks at the moment? Currently India one of the most populated countries produces 63 Million tonnes of waste as compared to the US which generates more than 230 Million tonnes of waste.

Of the total number of waste produced in India 83% is collected and around 17% amounts to thrown in open. Of the total waste, nearly 50% goes to various landfills. Most of this waste is neither segregated nor recycled. If we want to grow at a faster pace we need to solve this problem when we still have time.

At the current rate of waste generation, the landfills across various cities are filling up at a very fast pace.  Many measures have already been taken by government bodies and municipal organizations but none of them have been a great way to solve the problem.

What we lack as a nation is implementinga waste management system. Countries like Japan and Germany have been practicing waste management systems for many years now. The key factor that makes them different is the ability to segregate the waste at the very basis of its origin. Various households take up individual responsibility to segregate waste into two major parts, wet waste, and dry waste.
Wet waste is usually collected to make natural manure and dry waste can be used for fueling centralized heating systems. In this way, the waste is either completely recycled or removed from a system.

Although it sounds very easy, practically it is not possible to duplicate the idea. The challenge that lies ahead is the population of our country. A large number of people cannot change their habit of waste segregation in a short period. However, I would like to appreciate some states and districts across the country that have successfully implemented this idea. One of them is Pune and another Allapuzha has led by example in waste segregation. 

India is definitely behind important IT organizations across the globe, then how can we be so negligent in solving itsissues? ACSG Corp, the CIP company is now moving ahead to resolve waste management effectively by working with the municipal corporation on multiple levels.The waste management system constitutes of two-part, the first is to segregate the waste and the second is to recycle the waste.

We can achieve the task of keeping the dump yards clean only by proper waste management. The Automation system managed by the ACSG Corp removes the dry waste from the wet waste. Further, ahead it is also capable of removing metal from the waste, when this process is completed the dry waste is turned into boards that can be molded as per the need. The material formed has a long life and is very durable. The wet waste on the other hand is converted into manure that can be used in vegetation and plants. This unique combination to create two different products from single waste is commendable.

If we think about the application of the system, then it is something that can be easily used at various locations irrespective of the terrain. The easy deployment makes it one of the ideal solutions that we can look forward to in the future for waste management. India is now growing, even more, faster and to keep up with change we need to implement a solution like these on a large scale.

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