Bid to make city’s roads safer

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Bid to make city’s roads safer

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 | Saurav Gupta | NEW DELHI

To check traffic violators, the Delhi Government’s transport department has installed a three-lane Speed Violation Detection System (SDVS) and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera at a flyover near the Green Park Metro Station, in collaboration with Kerala-based PSU Keltron State Electronics Development Corporation Limited as a pilot project.

The decision to install the SDVS and AI camera in Delhi was taken after a World Economic Forum (WEF) and Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile  (FIA) conference held recently to address the issue of road safety in India. The Head of Communication Project Group, Keltron, Binsun NT told The Pioneer that the WEF and FIA requested them to make a Proof of Concept (PoC) of the product in Delhi-NCR for five to six months to evaluate its effectiveness and scalability. Giving the specification of the three-lane SDVS, Binsun said, “The SDVS is mainly used for identifying overspeeding vehicles.

If the vehicle is moving above the speed limit set for the road, the SDVS system will detect the vehicle and issue a challan which will be fully admissible in court as we have a calibrator certificate and the violators cannot challenge it.

The system will also click the images of the car and the number plate of the violators.” “The current speed violation detection systems installed in Delhi are camera-based solutions with limitations. If the vehicle is moving at more than a particular speed then the system won’t be able to detect it. But, the SDVS system is a radar-based system and it can detect a vehicle moving at a speed of up to 240 kms per hour,” said Binsun. “In Delhi, people use different kinds of number plates such as reflective, non-reflective etc. But the current cameras are not able to click pictures of the number plate of the violators clearly. However, the SDVS can click the picture of any kind of number plate with 99 per cent clarity.

The technology used in the SDVS cameras is a global shutter system which is mainly used to click the images of fast moving objects,” he said.

Giving the specifications of the AI camera, Binsun said that it is mainly used to detect people who are in violation of traffic rules such as riding a bike without a helmet, and not wearing a seat belt while driving, etc. This AI camera can automatically detect the vehicle and person in violation and click the picture of the number plate along with the moving vehicle.

“These products neither need maintenance checks nor do they have any kind of technical issues. Over 340 SDVSs installed in Kerala have been working successfully for the last six to seven years without any glitches,” Binsun concluded.

According to Delhi Police reports, 4,512 accidents were reported, of which 1,145 were fatal ones. A total of 1,151 people died due to road accidents in Delhi in 2020 whereas, in 2021, a total of 1,180 people died.

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