Children in difficulties need foster care: Min

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Children in difficulties need foster care: Min

Wednesday, 20 July 2022 | Staff Reporter | RAIPUR

The children in difficult circumstances need         foster care, said Chhattisgarh Women and Child Development Minister Anila Bhedia on Tuesday.

Inaugurating a          workshop on the role and coordination of stakeholders for effective implementation of nutrition care programme here, she said under Mission Vatsalya arrangements are made for temporary care and protection of children in families of non-relatives.

She said when such        children communicate within a foster family, they get full opportunity for proper development. It is necessary for every citizen to be         sensitive and cooperative.

The Minister honoured two foster families: Pratap and Durga Mahapatre of Raipur and Khorbahra Ram and Chanda Bai from Kanker.She appealed to all sections of the society,           voluntary organizations, to unite with the government to provide all opportunities for family environment and development to these          children.

UNICEF office for Chhattisgarh chief Job Zachariah said Chhattisgarh is ahead of other states in the country on this issue.

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