Dengue patient count rises to 460 in Doon

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Dengue patient count rises to 460 in Doon

Friday, 23 September 2022 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The threat of the vector borne disease, dengue, is continuing to loom large in Dehradun and adjoining areas.

On Thursday, the state health department reported 35 new patients of dengue in Dehradun district. With it the patient count of dengue has jumped to 460 in the provisional state capital this season. The experts point out that the prevalence of dengue would increase further in the coming days with withdrawal of monsoon and suitable conditions for the spread of the disease. 


The district vector borne diseases officer of Dehradun, Subhash Joshi said that the condition of all the patients is stable and they are recovering from the disease. 

 He said that the breeding places of mosquitoes inside the homes and vicinity should be destroyed. Joshi said that Aedes mosquitoes - the vector of dengue- are capable of laying their eggs in one spoonful of water so the pots, vases, water bottles and coolers should be decanted. The officer added that the Aedes mosquito bites during day time so it is advisable that everyone should wear full sleeve clothes to reduce exposure of their body for the mosquito to bite. 

Joshi said that anti dengue activities are in full swing in the affected and the sensitive areas of the district. He added that the department with the help of Asha workers has undertaken source reduction activity on a large scale in the city. He added that the anti dengue activities are being done in coordination with Asha workers and Municipal Corporation and fogging is being done in the affected areas.



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