Devotees flock Bihar Club pandal based on Eye Donation theme

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Devotees flock Bihar Club pandal based on Eye Donation theme

Tuesday, 04 October 2022 | PNS | Ranchi

At the Durga Puja pandal at Bihar Club, Kutchery Road, Ranchi, the divinity of the Goddess is stressing on the importance of the importance of Eye Donation. A theme based puja, the first in Ranchi this year, has been attracting men and women, particularly the younger generation - boys and girls to a special kiosk, set up by Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital, Ranchi, to enable volunteers to pledge their eyes.


The interior decoration inside the puja pandal has been done on the theme of eye donation. It is shown that a blind man has gone out to see Durga Puja, but he is unable to see the joy of Puja. Yet the sound and touch coming from the speaker makes sense of everything. Understands by touching objects and also tells about it to others.


There is also an eye on the ceiling inside the pandal. There is a person, whose both eyes are closed with his hands. Outside, a blind person is reading from the Braille script and understanding the organization of the worship. Apart from this, how a blind woman gets cornea after the immersion of the idol of the mother and by the grace of Bhagwati that blind person gets vision. This theme is very well carved out of the painting.


Ajit Sahay, President, Bihar Club Ranchi, said that this year, they have chosen eye donation as the central theme of Durga Puja festivities to break the taboo surrounding organ donation. People are being encouraged to donate their eyes so that they can continue to see the world even after they are gone.


Dr. Bharti Kashyap, Medical director, Kashyap Memorial Eye Bank Ranchi, said that keeping up the fervour of Maha Ashtami, several hundred men and women have signed the eye donation pledge forms.

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