Innovation helped entrepreneurs, small biz survive Covid 19

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Innovation helped entrepreneurs, small biz survive Covid 19

Friday, 11 February 2022 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

VS Online services is a bootstrapped technology-based business solutions company providing custom software solutions for medium-scale businesses and start-ups. The vision is to ensure every human is benefited by their technology products and solutions in their day-to-day life.

Founded in 2014 in Chennai, they started with Hyperlocal marketplace, a first of its kind in 2015, and then pivoted to providing services for around 5 years now, serving in more than 10+ countries.

Sivakumar Anirudhan, CEO of VS Online Services said, "VS Online services drive prosperity for entrepreneurs to tackle a range of big challenges through skill-building, increased economic growth, and strength. With changing market dynamics, we focus on product innovation with a passion for perfection and a relentless commitment to delivering world-class products to its customers. Several strategic initiatives are underway to strengthen operational processes, employee empowerment and co-creation initiatives have been proceeding for sharpening customer-centricity."

"We specialize in catering to the changing dynamics of the Information Technology industry. With an increase in internet penetration, growth in the smartphone device market, reducing the size of devices, and increase in number and types of mobile devices, we help organizations adapt to this evolving landscape", he added.

The company proudly launched VSECOMMERCE (Web, Android, and iOS platform) in 2022, from which a store can launch their e-Commerce application in 5 minutes and even configure any payment solution they want and directly get paid. For now, it supports a single store and they already have hyper-local support in the engine. But, they are looking forward to releasing multi-store and hyper-local modules as well in subsequent months.

In addition to the same, AI-based Chat solutions (VS Genius) integration will also be included soon this year for the platform.

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