Kejriwal making promises to farmers in Guj, failed to fulfil in Delhi: Bidhuri

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Kejriwal making promises to farmers in Guj, failed to fulfil in Delhi: Bidhuri

Sunday, 04 September 2022 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Taking a dig at the AAP government, the Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly, Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, on Saturday said that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has now promised farmers in Gujarat to procure five crops on the minimum support price (MSP) and loan waive but he has failed to implement it in Delhi. “Kejriwal has failed to fulfilled his promises made to the farmers ahead of the Delhi elections,” Bidhuri added. Bidhuri said that farmers in Delhi are being provided electricity at commercial rates and the electricity connections are not being given for the agriculture.

Far from giving any exemption to farmers for buying tractors, road tax for commercial vehicles is being collected from them. In Delhi, no subsidy of any kind is given on fertilizers and agricultural machinery, whereas in the neighboring state of Haryana, farmers are given free electricity for agriculture.

The Leader of Opposition said that Kejriwal had announced that the Delhi government would give 50 percent more per quintal to the farmers on whatever Minimum Purchase Price (MSP) fixed by the central government, but this was not done.

Neither their loans were waived off, nor cash assistance was given. On the other hand, the central government is also waiving the loans of farmers and after every four months, direct cash amount is also being transferred to their accounts.

Whatever schemes were implemented by the central government for the benefit of farmers, Kejriwal did not allow them to be implemented in Delhi. The BJP leader said that the long-awaited demand of increasing the compensation for land has not been accepted in the last seven and a half years.

Even the Delhi government has banned the entry of the names of the heirs of a farmer in the revenue record on the death of a farmer. If a farmer builds a small house on his agricultural land for living purpose, the government takes possession of his land.


He said that if any government in the entire country is anti-farmer, then it is only Kejriwal government. Surprisingly, while talking about farmers, Kejriwal brazenly lies.

He is making promises with the farmers of Gujarat, but we want to ask him that why he has not done anything for  welfare of the farmers in Delhi?

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