Police arrest the man who stole finial from dome of mosque

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Police arrest the man who stole finial from dome of mosque

Thursday, 27 October 2022 | Staff Reporter | bhopal

The person who stole the finial from the dome of the 160-year-old Moti Masjid in Bhopal has been arrested. Police arrested him from Nepal border. On his behest, the stolen urn was recovered from the drain near the Central Library. The accused told during interrogation that he had come to Bhopal from Bihar in search of work. He was living with his cousins.

When questioned by police, he said that he used to come near the mosque to have tea. Then he came to know from the people that the finial atop the dome of the mosque is of gold. In such a situation, he hatched a conspiracy to steal the finial. On October 6, during heavy rain and storm he climbed the mosque and stole the finial and fled. When he came to know that the urn was not of gold, he threw it in the drain near the Central Library.

DCP Riyaz Iqbal said that Anjar Ahmed (19) resident of Agaria, Bihar, son of Sohail Akhtar has been arrested by the police for stealing the finial from the dome of Moti Masjid. He has confessed to the crime. Police started investigation by registering a case against unknown accused. The incident was sensitive as it happened at a religious place. Considering the seriousness of the matter, the officials worked out a strategy with the Crime Branch police to unearth the theft.

After the incident, the police checked the CCTV footage installed in the area. In this, CCTV footage of a suspect surfaced. But he could not be identified. The police showed his footage to the people in the area. Meanwhile, a shopkeeper told that this boy had an argument with him four-five days ago. After the dispute, he went home with his brothers. The police found out about his brothers. The brothers told that Anjar had gone to Bihar. Police teams were sent to Bihar.

The location of the accused was found on the Nepal border. The police took him into custody from the Nepal border. The accused confessed to stealing the finial from Moti Masjid during interrogation. When the police inquired about the finial, he said that he threw it in the drain near the Central Library.

After hours of hard work by the police, with the help of the municipal team, by using a JCB machine, the stolen finial was recovered from the drain near the Central Library from the place mentioned by the accused.

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