Aesthetically Pleasing to the eye

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Aesthetically Pleasing to the eye

Sunday, 03 April 2022 | Anais Meon

Aesthetically Pleasing to the eye

Renovation of Bougain Villa is influenced by Mediterranean style of architecture. In interior designing, this style of architecture is characterised by simple and romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries, says Anais Meon

The Bougain Villa is a luxurious place, full of amenities and is close to nature. It is located at Shankarpally Road, Hyderabad. Situated in between the forest of Khanapur village, the villa is spread over two acres of land. This double-storey villa is composed of one central and very generous open space, (hosting the living room, dining area and the open kitchen). One can reach to the first floor by a passerelle linking the ensuite bedroom from one side with the home cinema/ office space. There are 2 other bedrooms on the ground floor, a play area and an open kitchen, all surrounded with a large estate, vegetable garden and orchard. It was not inhibited for over ten years. The Bougain villa was a blunt canvas until redesigned to perfection.

Architectural style

The renovation of Bougain Villa is influenced by the Mediterranean style of architecture. In interior designing, the Mediterranean style of architecture is characterised by simple and romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries which include wrought iron, decorative tiles, visible wooden beams, ornamentation, and use of local materials. Use of light and warm tones in the color scheme has been applied. The villa has many windows and transparent glasses for natural light.

Nature-based theme

The interiors of the Bougain villa are designed in continuity with the nature that surrounds them. The presence of beautiful tropical plants with long leaves and trees blurs the limit of inside-out. The roof structure of the villa offers diagonal beams for indoor creepers to grow. 

In accordance with the nature theme, Indian teakwood has been used in crafting most of the furniture, ‘baldaquin’ bed (canopy bed), wardrobe, music cabinet, pantry and shelves, all tied up in appearance and feel. Very gifted local carpenters were employed for this purpose. Several plant pots are decorated with floral plants for a natural and vibrant look. Local carpenters were employed for this purpose.


To soften the limit of space, raw bamboo curtains have been used in the living room and at the entrance. Elsewhere very light organic cotton fabric sheer dresses all the windows, which gives a close-to-nature look. The dining table placed in the center of this villa has been constructed with the use of Terrazzo, a man-made stone curated out of chipped glass pieces. Terrazzo is one of the most durable flooring materials available today as it is impervious to water and stain damage. For flooring purposes, large tiles are often covered by Kerala hand-woven Coir (coconut coil technique) and colorful Moroccan rugs, giving different texture and feels when walking around the house. It is hand-woven material done by local craftsmen.

Graceful lighting

During the day, the abundance of natural light coming from the colossal windows on each side of the façade is gently replaced by warm decorative lighting dotting around the space. The right lighting can beautify the living space without any added effort. Therefore, lights are prominently chosen according to the ambience which includes indirect lights, moon lights and warm lights. These statement lights illuminate the villa as per the need. Special ambience lights are focused around tables and chairs to give a warm and intimate feel to the place. The luxurious lamp fixtures add a rich layer to the classy interior look of this place.

Decorative segment

The walls are decorated with large pieces of modern Art, the owner’s Ichi’s (Japanese Artist) paper-cut paintings collection, illuminate the walls with vivid colors such as orange, yellow and green. The roofs of the villa space have diagonal bridges for indoor creepers to grow in the same direction. This homely place does not echo though it is in a forest. Spending time in this homely place will make you feel like Spain or South France while staying in Hyderabad’s peaceful outskirts!

The eye-catching Bougain villa has been aesthetically renovated with an amalgam of ancient and modern style. The nature-based theme has added natural beauty to the place which is eye-catching. The villa is near a lake and surrounded with greenery which makes it an ideal place for special events.

The writer is Design Director, Urban Living Spaces

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