Never go out of style

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Never go out of style

Sunday, 20 February 2022 | Prasansha Saha

Never go out of style

Unlike rayon, nylon and polyester, which are man-made, silk has natural origins. This means that they are environment friendly, are more absorbent and thus, comfortable to wear in all seasons. Prasansha Saha shares ways to sustainably use silk fabrics

The last couple of years have reinvigorated the conversation about sustainable living. The COVID-19 lockdown led to a serious revaluation of life both public and private. With work from home becoming a part and parcel of life, environmental concerns were no longer an abstract concept. More and more people made minimalistic lifestyle their new normal, and sustainable fashion gained popularity.

The first step towards sustainable fashion was going back to natural fabrics, as opposed the synthetic fabrics. Unlike rayon, nylon and polyester which are man-made, silk has natural origins. This means that they are environment friendly, are more absorbent and thus, comfortable to wear in all seasons.

Restyle your silk saris

India is a land of diverse tradition. This means that you can wear your sari for the umpteenth number of times, each time rocking a new look. With the internet, the creative possibilities are endless. You can wear your saree with a pair of jeans and crop top, wear it dhoti style or even wear your pallu on the front instead of back.

Keep Upcycling

Have owned a silk saree for years but don’t know how to reuse it? Upcycle it! Unlike synthetic fabrics, silk is not only good for the environment, but also for your skin. Rich in texture, its sheen lasts for a long time. This allows for the fabric to be used in so many ways. Don’t take our word for it, just ask the celebrities. Your mother’s silk saree can be upcycled into a lehenga, dupatta and even a palazzo.

Rock those Brocades

Be it Western, Indian or fusion, brocade adds a major appeal to any outfit. With creativity and clever styling, you can wear a brocade skirt with a blouse or a shirt. Another popular item in international fashion is the brocade jacket which can be worn, interchangeably, with both Indian and western outfits. This is particularly crucial in contemporary fashion as most people want their clothing items to be worn as many times, in varied manner, both contemporary and ethnic manner.

Silk stands out

In today’s day and age, where fast fashion is available in the market at all price points, silk stands out. Unlike the former which is driven by short-lived trends and rapid consumerism, pure silk justifies its cost because not only does it have a longer use, it never goes out of style.

This is why, when buying silk sarees, it is best to opt for traditional, more classic prints. It allows the buyer to wear it for a long time, despite what the recent trend is. Similarly, by buying the traditional silk fabrics, indigenous weavers and artisans across the nation get job opportunities and by extension, ensures that the culture stays alive and vibrant.

Wear, Re-wear and Repeat

Repeating an outfit is not only okay, it is also recommended! Sustainable living means making the most out of what you buy. This includes your clothes. Repeating outfits is not a faux pas anymore, instead it is fashionable. Be it Kate Middleton, Deepika Padukone or Tiffany Haddish, more and more celebrities are practicing sustainable fashion by repeating their outfits with confidence and style.

Courtesy: Prasansha Saha, V P, Design of Reshamandi

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