Proper Planning Is Must: Abhishek Parakkat

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Proper Planning Is Must: Abhishek Parakkat

Sunday, 10 April 2022 | Pioneer

Proper Planning Is Must: Abhishek Parakkat

In a new age filled with entrepreneurs, it is difficult to make your product stand out from others. The thing is as world is progressing, the ease of doing business is improving as well, and this has filled market with competition as well. Increasing globalisation has also resulted in global players and small scale businesses competing each other in the same market. So how one can his/her business stand out from the other one, and ensure better chance of survival. To answer this question, we have one of the finest and growing Gen Z Entrepreneurs - Abhishek Parakkat. His ventures like Parakkat Jewels, Parakkat Nature Resort, Parakkat Weddings, and Parakkat Software have become leading names in their respective industries. Managing such major businesses simultaneously is no easy task but the 23-year-old has done quite an impeccable job.   Abhishek says that when you are starting a small scale business you first need to focus on the product and the service then you should first identify your audience to which you are about to sell the product or cater your service. Later, decide the market in which you want to go for. It could be a B2B or could be a B2C, just remember that you're opting in for right model owing to your or product or service. Then decide whether to go down with niche market or disrupt the mass market. Disrupting the market can be risky for small businesses but can be extremely beneficial if product is unique. Finally, design a good marketing plan and focus on segregating it from the market and then you're all good to go.

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