Depression Repellent: 4 Yukthis To Being Happy by Sri Preethaji, Co-creator - Ekam

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Depression Repellent: 4 Yukthis To Being Happy by Sri Preethaji, Co-creator - Ekam

Sunday, 24 July 2022 | Agencies

If you want to prevent depression from arising in yourself, a loved one, or a colleague, there are 4 Yukthis you should follow.

These Yukthis have deep spiritual wisdom and also an incredible amount of neuroscience as their basis. 

Kathanam or storytelling

For 1000’s of years, we humans have sat around the fire in the evenings as a tribe and eaten food together. We have narrated stories to each other of all that happened to us that day- of the animals that chased us, of how we protected each other – or of the fruit tree we discovered or of the new friends we made- until the fire died down and we kept gazing at the stars. In storytelling we find a deep sense of belonging and knowing each other.

Unfortunately, this connection is lost because we eat alone, text on our cell phones, or watch television while eating.

If you can leave your cell phones in another room, if all of you can sit together and eat together as often as you can and engage in storytelling of what happened to you that week or that day - listen to each other and laugh together - you will experience a deep sense of belonging.

Sneha Sparshanam or loving touch

Do you know that it is scientifically proven today that a gentle hug or a cuddle lasting for more than 20 seconds releases Oxytocin in our brains? Oxytocin is a neuropeptide released by our brains that cause bonding.

Gentle and loving physical touch while you hold an intention for the other to be happy can relieve heartache and heal the other. Make gentle hugging a practice with your loved ones.

SveeyaSakhyatha, or friendship with the self

Every time you feel the slightest dullness or inner disturbance- take a deep inhalation and an even slower exhalation.

Observe the exact emotion that is arising in you- Recognise its name like you would recognize a guest returning home and not an enemy. 

This simple act of SveeyaSakhyatha will shift your neurological activity from destructive brain regions to calm and clear thinking areas.

Ashtaachala, or being with the sun

Be in the sun, listen to the birds and insects around sunrise or sunset, and take in the sunlight. 

Let it fall on you. Being in the early morning light with nature will activate your heart neurons and make you into a more joyful being.

Please know that the world's biggest pandemic that we are yet to see is depression.

At the root of depression are loneliness and a feeling of disconnection.

These 4 Yukthis can act as “Lakshman Rekha” or Powerful Stoppers for depression from flowing into you, your loved ones, and your family.

Try them out. 

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