Indian AI-powered startups are making a revolution in 2022

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Indian AI-powered startups are making a revolution in 2022

Thursday, 24 November 2022 | Agencies

Artificial intelligence (AI) has distinguished itself as a promising technology of the digital age over the last ten years, with its applications overflowing from sci-fi into our everyday lives. AI start-ups are at the frontline of India’s AI uprising, fixing problems at an incredible speed with their creativity and ever-improving technology. In addition to bringing new technology and solutions to the limelight, AI game changers are encouraging others to replicate the successes in the ecosystem by promoting awareness and optimism about this powerful technology. In view of this, we present four outstanding AI startups with enormous potential and influence that you may not be familiar with.


Staqu, founded in 2015, is an AI startup that is leading the security and enterprise big data analytics domains with proprietary video analytics, big data, and auditing tools that use advanced deep learning research and cutting-edge engineering. As the human brain is incompetent in systematically reviewing a large number of inputs streaming from CCTV cameras, Staqu’s worthy-of-note product JARVIS is capable of providing critical insights while monitoring all the parameters in object detection, crowd analytics, violence detection, traffic violations, and identification of minor to major security issues that traditional cameras are incompetent of detecting. JARVIS Video Analytics provides accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions with over 40 use cases. Moreover, insights from 85+ analytics also significantly improve operational intelligence and accelerate situational awareness. is a top Indian AI start-up that has developed the nation’s leading interactive CX platform for consumer businesses. It has effectively incorporated the qualities of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to deliver active learning in order to offer on-demand customer service at scale. Using its AI-powered virtual assistants, solutions help companies resolve queries in over 100 languages and across more than 35 text and voice channels. Besides that, they provide a broad range of platforms, including proprietary NLP, bot studio, agent-assist dashboard, campaign management, and many other solutions such as customer engagement automation, customer support automation, conversational commerce automation, HR automation, and ITSM automation. is an AI-Based virtual auditor for business owners that analyses live stream feeds from surveillance cameras and converts them into actionable information. brings the ordinary CCTV camera to life and assists businesses in harnessing the energy of AI to make rapid and intelligent business choices. monitors valuable SOP compliance across the three business pillars of Hygiene, Safety, and Quality. Working on the detailed aspects of Hygiene, Safety, and Quality variables aids businesses to improve employee morale, minimise health-related risks, elevate client experience, and boost productivity. Additionally, the company offers features including real-time auditing, daily insights, consolidated dashboards and metrics, rapid integration and scaling, real-time notifications and alerts, person identification, activity monitoring, automated control, and tailored SOP detection.


SuperBot is an intelligent, AI-powered voice agent and a SaaS-based product from PinnacleWorks. SuperBot can have intelligent conversations with humans via Telephony Channels. It is designed with the objective of bridging the communication gap that almost all industries face while also managing everyone’s calling requirements. SuperBoT can conduct mass feedback, and surveys, book appointments, validate leads, send payment reminders, and confirm attendance, among other things. It can easily accomplish all this while handling over 1,000,000 calls per day. It is currently available in over 9 languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Bengali, with the team working to add more regional and foreign languages. SuperBot’s solutions not only empower businesses but also accelerates their ROI, minimise calling costs, and extend 24x7 support to their customers.

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