God has all the power

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God has all the power

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

God has all  the power

If we want highest qualities, we must become devotees of God

Does it sound unfair? Think about it. Imagine one of us even with a little power. We are inclined to abuse it, especially if there is no fear of punishment. These examples will substantiate. What do despots do? They bring unimaginable pain and suffering to the citizens. What do corrupt policemen do? They victimise the victim, if he is a rich man; they exploit him. What does a bully in a school do? There are innumerable such examples. We, human beings, are incapable of handling power.

The creation works on the principle of ‘karmaphala’, which is, “What you sow you reap.” Suppose God did not keep all the powers with Himself, what can someone do with an atom bomb? He can kill innumerable innocent citizens, who don’t deserve to die according to their karmaphalas. Don’t we have free will? So God had to balance between allowing free will and controlling all actions by everyone in order that the creation can go on. Parallel powers are unworkable. Yes, God empowers His devotees in many ways, as Arjuna was blessed, but these are His devotees, who are highly disciplined, and act as per God’s plans.

So let us get some idea of absolute nature of God’s powers, which are briefly described by Lord Krishna in the verse # 10.41 of the Bhagavad-Geeta, “Whatever there is opulent, effulgent or even energetic, all that you should know as produced from a fragment of My splendour.” These famous examples will shed some light about the extent of God’s powers. Starting with the light of the sun, what does Lord Krishna state, “I am light of the sun.” (7.8) What happened when Arjuna promised to kill Jayadratha before sunset? He was to enter fire if he couldn’t. What did Lord Krishna do? He protected his ‘nimitta’ (instrument) by restoring the setting sun’s light. As a result, there was daylight and Jayadratha came out from the protection of Kauravas; Arjuna killed him. Similarly, the Lord says that the heat of fire is from Him. (7.9) So, what happened when Seetaji entered fire in her fire test? She came out unscathed, because the heat of fire was withdrawn by Lord Rama. Another famous example is of Ashwathama using ‘Brahmastra’ on child Parikshit, who was at that time in the womb of his mother Uttara. What did Lord Krishna do? He simply made Brahmastra harmless by withdrawing its enormous power? He could because nothing is independently powerful, neither a person nor a weapon. If this was not so, there will be parallel power, which cannot be allowed, as this can cause disruption in the creation’s functioning.

Before I go any further in describing God’s unlimited powers, a question must be answered, which is, “Why does God not stop miseries heaped by a strong person on the weak? Does God not have such a power? He does but allows it. Why? Because we suffer due to our karmaphal. Others are just acting as mediums. In those cases, God remains aloof. Continuing about the extent of Lord’s powers, Lord Krishna says that He is manliness of men (7.8), which is a traditional quality of being brave and strong. In the verse # 7.11, the Lord repeats this by stating that he is the strength of strong. However, in this verse, the Lord qualifies it by stating that such persons should be devoid of lust and attachment. If they are not, God will withdraw it from them. What happened to the most powerful man because of his lusty behaviour? I am referring to the last US President. Same could be said about Swami Vivekananda, whose brightness impressed one and all, wherever he travelled in the world. Where did this devotee of the highest order get his brightness? From God of course! I can go on, but the message is loud and clear. If we want the highest qualities, we must become devotees of God, otherwise we will always be inferior; God is ready to bestow upon us whatever is cherished by us. Source for everything superior is God only; He has all the powers.

(The writer is a spiritual guide; views are personal)

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