Savour nature’s  splendour to feel alive

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Savour nature’s  splendour to feel alive

Tuesday, 18 April 2023 | Amit Kanwar

Savour nature’s  splendour to feel alive

Nature bestows us with its many gifts but we don't take the time to even witness it. Sunset is one such occurance that always rejuvenates

Most of us endeavour to find those moments in which we actually ‘live’ our life and cherish them forever. We subsist in a fast-paced world where it seems that survival depends on breakneck speed. Most of the time, we postpone the savouring of our simple-looking indulgences to tomorrow or next week, with which we rarely catch up. Sunrise and sunset are such occasions, which are nature's most spectacular gifts to humankind. We generally take these moments for granted and rarely take out time to reveal them.

Be on a rooftop, hilltop or balcony of your house at dawn, and watch the horizon. The sky changes its colours with every passing moment- from grey to hues of pink and slowly to lighter shades of orange. Notice the little things that accompany the sunrise-the chirping of birds, flocks of birds flying in perfect unison and a rooster crowing in a far-off hamlet. The vegetation looks fresh with leaves covered in tiny bright dewdrops, which are slowly dripping, and the petrichor so produced is intoxicatingly engulfing you with nostalgia. The flowers are slowly opening up like an indolent little child lazily stretching and arising from a peaceful, dream-filled slumber. The sunrise lasts for not more than a few moments, but the positive impact remains for the day. You will be more active and efficient in your workplace and with positive vibes all around you.

At sunset, everything goes in reverse order. As the sun approaches the horizon, the 'golden hour' of dusk starts unravelling its magic. The skies slowly turn into bright shades of orange and pink, with every fleeting moment displaying varied hues. The occasional streak of clouds in the western skies flirt with the hues of gold and produce a spellbinding dance, full of life and colours. The sun finally disappears behind the horizon, slowly turning firmament into shades of grey and finally into the darkness of the night.

Having witnessed some of the most memorable sunsets sitting atop mountains, away from the crowds, are some of the most memorable moments I have lived. One commonly notices a farmer returning home with his bullock after the day's hard work, eagerly looking forward to the comforts of his abode. Flowers slowly closed down for the night and the green leaves, covered with dust, waited eagerly for the drops of dew. Late into the night, with the dropping mercury, the dewdrops silently appear on the leaves and entangle them in a tight, lover's embrace to freshen up their existence and to give a new life to their being. The hamlets slowly come alive with smoke lazily emanating out of kitchen chimneys and forming ever-changing figurines, trying to touch the greying skies. One can hear the occasional shout of a concerned mother, reminding her children to return home from the game they are playing. Life slowly comes to a standstill as the twilight transitions to darkness. Deep into the night, an opera spiced with nocturnal chorus plays out for the willing audience - the chirp of a lonely cricket; the occasional rustle of snoozing leaves, nudged by teasing breeze: croaking of a frog, seeking a mating partner; muffled coo of a half-asleep bird and the squeak of a hungry rodent.

So, make an endeavour to savour the little wonders of nature - watch the sunrise and sunset and enjoy the quiet of dark nights. Be mindful of every moment you spend being a spectator of the amazing spectacle. In the tough times, facing dejection, try to remind yourself of the moments you spent living those beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The memories will immediately playback, and you will feel the surge of energy, happiness and positivity. Trust me, you will be able to face the challenges with a smile.

(The writer pens down stories of human interest and his travels . He also likes to click portraits)

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