Simplicity: the essence of life

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Simplicity: the essence of life

Tuesday, 07 November 2023 | Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

Simplicity: the essence of life

Once we learn to simply enjoy the music of life, there will be no noise

In a world that seems to celebrate complexity and extravagance, the concept of simplicity often stands as a beacon of tranquility and harmony. And that is why embracing a simpler way of life, far from being a compromise, is an art that holds the essence of wisdom and contentment. Most of us would agree to the fact that we live in a society where there are two schools of thoughts as far as our standard of living goes. Some of us feel that “more the merrier”, while some of us feel “less the better”. There is an in-depth meaning to these two approaches towards life. With the world around us getting more and more competitive, we are forced to match up to the high standards, which at times get out of our reach & capacity. Today the majority of us are stuck into the web of fictitiousness that’s created by us. Hence to liberate ourselves from this web, we need to go back to our roots ,that taught us to “Live Simple & Think High”. But!! Is it possible to live a simple life under a complicated & confused world? Why not? With strong determination, it’s not impossible at all, because simplicity is our originality, so it’s not a big deal once we realise from within and get back to our roots.

At its core, simplicity isn't just about minimalism or reducing material possessions; it's a comprehensive approach to life that encompasses various aspects, including thoughts, actions, and lifestyle choices. It's a conscious decision to strip away the unnecessary, allowing what truly matters to shine through. Simplicity enhances clarity of our perception and frees us from the innumerable diversions of desires. When we become simple, our material world also becomes simple and beautiful & there is hardly any waste left in our life, with all our resources, time, thoughts, ideas, knowledge, money and materials becoming more and more valuable & fruitful for us. There is a common myth among people that if we become simple, then we would be considered stupid or dull. But we tend to forget the fact that all the research, whether they are done in the field of science, agriculture, engineering and a host of other disciplines are based on fundamental simple principles. Likewise, the laws of the universe are also simple. Even though we cannot always grasp the wonders of nature, the underlying principles governing the universe are quite simple. When we start respecting the natural world, then the physical world starts responding in such a way that all our physical needs are adequately met. It is only when our own nature becomes complex and polluted by selfish desires that the outer world also appears to be complex and difficult for us to understand. So, when we move away from our inner space of childlike simplicity, we divorce ourselves from nature and totally forget the art of working in tandem with the natural world.

Living simply also means being mindful of our consumption habits. It involves making deliberate choices about what we bring into our lives, whether that's material possessions, relationships, or experiences. Instead of being driven by an insatiable desire for more, simplicity teaches us to cherish what we have and find fulfillment in the present moment. Remember! Where there is simplicity, there is strength.

Unnecessary possessions are considered heavy burdens that take up a lot of our time & energy. That’s why those who have enough but not too much are the happiest people in the world. The classic example of this can be seen through the lives of saints and leaders, who live a simple life maintaining simplicity in their nature and character. Once we learn to simply enjoy the music of life, there will be no complexity. It is only when we decide to probe the unlimited structures that develop from the simple form, we lose sight of the truth and beauty of life. So! Be Simple to Become a Sample, an example for others to follow.

(Writer is a spiritual educator & popular columnist, views are personal)

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