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Virtually together

Saturday, 25 November 2023 | Pioneer

Virtually together

Positive global reactions to Modi's G20 virtual meet, even from China and Canada, confirm its success

If there were any doubts whatsoever about the impact India had on the G20 platform and if any validation was needed for its influence, it has been thoroughly reiterated during the bloc's virtual meeting planned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from the favourable global reactions to the initiative, the responses from two significant members were especially encouraging. As one of the world's major powers, China's reaction to Modi's G20 virtual meeting was closely watched and it expressed a mix of support and constructive engagement. Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasised the need for collaboration to overcome shared obstacles such as climate change, public health crises and economic uncertainties. Also, China's emphasis on multilateralism aligns with the broader G20 agenda, which aims to foster global cooperation on common issues. However, observers noted a nuanced diplomatic dance, with both nations striving to balance cooperative rhetoric with their strategic interests. Similarly Canada, a longstanding advocate for multilateralism and international cooperation, responded positively. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commended the inclusive approach of the discussions, emphasising the importance of collective action. Climate change emerged as a key area of focus for Canada during the virtual summit. The Canadian leader also stressed the importance of addressing issues related to global health, economic inequality and digital transformation, aligning with the broader G20 themes. This is indeed a welcome gesture from Canadian prime minister.

Going by the reaction of these nations who are not on an even keel with India right now, it can be safely inferred that the meeting was successful. It is time the nations even at crosspurposes realise that they have to cooperate, else it would be disastrous for our planet. The issues of import to all humanity should not be used for narrow national interests. Both China and Canada expressed support for the initiative but underlying geopolitical dynamics and strategic interests coloured their responses. China's acknowledgement of the importance of collective action was tempered by its ongoing rivalry with India and other G20 nations. On the other hand, Canada's enthusiastic endorsement of the G20's objectives reflected its commitment to international cooperation, with a focus on shared values and global problem-solving. Modi's G20 virtual meeting indeed generated a spectrum of reactions from around the globe. As the world grapples with an array of challenges, the G20 remains a crucial platform for fostering international cooperation. Understanding the nuanced responses of key players like China and Canada provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of global diplomacy and the complex interplay of national interests on the world stage.

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