Zen Buddhism: Law of attraction

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Zen Buddhism: Law of attraction

Monday, 25 September 2023 | Ravi Valluri

Zen Buddhism: Law of attraction

A robust mind can develop the qualities to manifest the ‘Law of Attraction’

Aeons ago a strapping youngster gained admission into an estimable Temple of Knowledge. He was fortunate to be imparted precious pearls of wisdom of Zen Buddhism by sagacious and knowledgeable masters. Over some time, he attained a reasonable degree of compassion and insight into the human mind. During his tutelage what struck him most was the simplicity, humility and truthfulness of his teachers who practiced Zen Buddhism.

What is Zen Buddhism?

As per Norman Fischer Zen Buddhism is:

“A special transmission outside the scriptures.

No dependency on words and letters.

Pointing directly to the human mind.

Seeing into one’s nature and attaining Buddhahood.”

The cornerstone of the practice is that over some time, through unflinching practice of the appropriate techniques, a postulant becomes aware and awakened. The mind of such a person becomes pristine and gains clarity in the thought process. However, it is well-nigh impossible to effectuate such a state without the grace of a Guru, who can be thought of as the doorway to the ambrosia of divinity. The young monk was directed by the Masters of the monastery to spread the knowledge of Zen Buddhism. Significantly, the now more spiritually aware monk uttered only the truth and never denounced anyone.

Powers of the Human Mind

Exhausted and weary after relentless travel, one day he sat under a majestic blossoming tree. The monk was feeling ravenous and wished that his hunger would be satiated. Quite unexpectedly a maiden walking that way offered him a bowl filled with food, and no sooner did the monk express his desire. He was taken aback at the turn of events and expressed his gratitude to the damsel.

After the hearty meal, the monk felt extremely thirsty. He pined for a glass of water and sure enough, a stripling youngster offered him juices to quench his thirst. The monk was extremely beholden and appreciative of this serendipitous act of kindness. The mind of the monk was now suffused with joy as his twin desires of food and liquid were satiated with remarkable ease. He now wished to sleep. Suddenly it darkened and there was a cloud cover across the sky. The weather which was arid and hot turned salubrious. After sleeping for hours together he felt reinvigorated. The monk, when hungry was satiated with food, when thirsty was provided with drinks and was comforted by angels when he felt worn out.

The Law of Attraction

His thoughts and words were resonating in the universe and the mind became a unique springboard wherein whatever he wished for, eventuated. Once trained, the mind develops a few qualities. It becomes luminous and radiant, light as a feather and not weighed down by the baggage of negative thoughts. The monk was hungry, thirsty and deprived of rest. He meant it; there was no dubiety or incertitude in his mind. The mind was not wavering and his desires did not oscillate between “hope to be fed” or “if provided will partake of food.” A robust and radiant mind that can authentically develop the qualities of the Law of Attraction knows the art of letting go, dropping all affectation. The unique mantra of this success is when an individual genuinely believes in the production of dreams and corrals thoughts to be efficacious ones. Pre-eminently for an individual blessed with these attributes, the Law of Attraction operates and resounds quite amazingly. “All that we are is a result of what we have thought,” said Gautama Buddha the Enlightened One.

(The writer is the CEO of Chhattisgarh East Railway Ltd. and Chhattisgarh East West Railway Ltd and a faculty of the Art of Living; views are personal)

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