Kids do not need antibiotics: GSVM study

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Kids do not need antibiotics: GSVM study

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 | IANS | Kanpur

Kids do not need antibiotics: GSVM study

A research to test the efficacy of use of antibiotics for the treatment of malnourished children has proved that kids do not need antibiotics.

Doctors at Kanpur's GSVM Medical College have conducted the research, and as a part of it, they divided 100 malnourished children into a group of two. The first group of 50 children was given regular antibiotics along with a proper diet and IV drips in necessary cases.

Meanwhile, the second group was given the same food and IV drips in necessary cases but none of them were given antibiotics.

Sharing the results of the experiment, doctors revealed that both the groups recovered in a similar manner, showing that the use of antibiotics was not actually necessary.

In fact, the kids who participated in the study -- aged between six and 59 months -- even gained weight and grew in height proportionally. There was no additional benefit of antibiotics.

The research -- conducted by head of paediatrics department Dr Yashwant Rao and his team -- has been published in the Indian journal of paediatrics. The research was funded by the Indian Council for Medical Research.

"The results have been very encouraging for all of us. We can reduce the use of antibiotics in children," he told reporters.

Dr Rao added that his team would include 400 children in the research in the next phase. A research centre for the same has been established in Kalyanpur.

The Centre had also recently issued a guideline saying that antibiotics should not be used in Covid cases unless there is clinical suspicion of bacterial infection.

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