500 encroachments demolished in Vikasnagar in two days

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500 encroachments demolished in Vikasnagar in two days

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The UJVN Limited along with district administration and police on Monday demolished 150 houses constructed illegally on the government land from

 Dakpathar to Dhalipur near Shakti canal in Vikasnagar. Authorities have demolished over 500 encroachments out of nearly 600 in two days, many of which have been there for the past 22 years. According to UJVNL officials, they had issued notices and made announcements several times to make the dwellers evict the encroachments. When the dwellers did not act on them, the authorities had to start the anti-encroachment campaign on Sunday, as per the officials. The police on Monday continued to use drones to monitor the situation to tackle potential threats in the area and recorded the entire encroachment campaign through video recording. The officials said that the police are also keeping an eye on anti-social elements that can potentially cause chaos during the encroachment.  A considerable police force will also remain deployed in the area on Tuesday as well during the campaign under the supervision of superintendent of police (rural) Kamlesh Upadhayay and strict action will be taken against those who would attempt to disrupt the campaign, said the officials. They added that police and district administration will demolish the remaining encroachments on Tuesday.

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