BJP demands CBI probe in attacks on temples

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BJP demands CBI probe in attacks on temples

Sunday, 19 November 2023 | PNS | Ranchi

State BJP spokesperson Pratul Shahdev strongly condemned the incidents of continuous targeting of religious places of Hindus during the tenure of Hemant Soren government. Pratul has demanded from the state government to recommend a CBI inquiry into all such incidents that have occurred in the last four years. Pratul said that the appeasing forces in this government are feeling that they have their own government.

Pratul said that the incident of damage to the idols in five temples in Mudma in Mandar is not the first incident. Earlier, on April 8, 2023, banned meat was tied to a religious flag of Hindus and hung in Jamshedpur and after that a mob attacked a temple. The government had banned the Shiva procession in Panki, Palamu. On September 27, 2023, a person from a particular community had broken the idol in the Hanuman temple in Hindpiri police station area.

He said that in Bokaro too, temples were continuously targeted. The idols of Chanchali temple of Marafari police station area and two temples in Kasiyatand were broken. Anti-social elements also created a ruckus in the Sun Temple of Sector 4 police station area of Bokaro. Twelve crowns were stolen from Lalit Shri Ram temple at Navatoli in Medininagar town of Palamu and the trident of Lord Shankar was broken.

Pratul said that apart from this, there have been dozens of such incidents in the state in which temples have been targeted by anti-social elements, which smacks of a well-planned conspiracy. Pratul demanded from the State Government that a CBI inquiry be conducted into this entire incident, so that the conspiracy can be exposed.

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