Chhath ghats decorated and ready for devotees

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Chhath ghats decorated and ready for devotees

Sunday, 19 November 2023 | Vinod Prasad | Lohardaga

The first Argh of Chhath, the great festival of worship of Sun God and Chhathi Maiya, will be offered to Astachalgami on Sunday. On Saturday, Chhathvartis performed Kharna Puja with faith, devotion, reverence and traditional rituals. On the occasion of the four-day festival, the first offering to Lord Bhaskar will be offered by the devotees on Sunday evening. 

On Monday Chhathavrati will offer Argh to the rising sun. On the occasion of Kharna, Chhathvartis, after fasting for the whole day, performed puja in the evening after sunset and after offering Kheer-Roti, banana and other fruits for Kharna Prasad, they themselves consumed it and distributed it as Prasad. Along with this, the 36-hour Nijrla fast of Chhathvratis also started. 

Apart from all the ponds and reservoirs in the urban areas, the work of preparing the reservoirs and rivers in the sub-urban and rural areas has also been almost completed. The contribution of the Municipal Council along with the local puja committees in providing other facilities including cleaning of water bodies located in the urban areas and suburban areas and other facilities has been commendable. 

Following the instructions of the Executive Officer of the Municipal Council, the officials and workers put in all their efforts to prepare the Chhath Ghat. Work was done with great speed regarding cleanliness, lighting and other facilities in Chhath Ghats. City Manager of Municipal Council Vijay Kumar and other officials and local representatives have made their full contribution in successfully organizing Chhath Mahaparva. Cleaning of various Chhath Ghats including Big Pond of Lohardaga urban area, Thakurain Pond, Pond situated at Shri Ram Mandir Phulwari, Patratoli Chhath Ghat situated at Shankh River, Chhath Ghat situated at Harmu, Chhath Ghat situated at Bhakso, Chhath Ghat situated at Sithio, Chhath Ghat situated at Serenghatu Todar. Work was done day and night to improve cleanliness and other facilities. After which Chhath Ghat is completely ready for the devotees to offer Arghya to Lord Bhuvan Bhaskar and Chhath Maiya.

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