Cong attacks BJP on Women Reservation Bill, says it is to dupe people

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Cong attacks BJP on Women Reservation Bill, says it is to dupe people

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 | PNS | Ranchi

Congress attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on Monday, and said that the women’s reservation bill passed in the special session of parliament cannot be implemented before 2039. The party said that it is only a fake election slogan to dupe people.

Addressing a press meet Congress National Spokesperson, Ragini Nayak said that a major promise in the BJP's election manifesto in the 2014 elections was to give 33 percent reservation to women but after lapse of 9 years.

“But there are such conditions in this bill due to which it will be implemented only in 2039. The national census will now start in 2026 which will take 3-4 years. It will take more time for the filing data to arrive. After this the delimitation will be implemented which will take a lot of time. That means by the time it is implemented in its current form it will be 2039. Therefore this bill is only and only eyewash. It is just playing with the sentiments and rights of women, said Nayak.

The party’s Spokesperson said that this one thing is proving to be true about Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. “Since 2014 they have only been promising and promising. Inflation will reduce, petrol and diesel will be sold at Rs 40. Gas prices will decrease. Employment will be provided to one crore people every year. Black money will be bring back and  Rs 2-2 lakh will be given in the public account. No promises were fulfilled. Now he did the same thing regarding the Women's Reservation Bill. The meaning is clear that Modi's tradition has always been followed, no matter what he says, it has never been followed,” she added.

  Nayak said that the ideology of Pandit Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi was that women should get equal rights. “Congress worked to honor the Country at many places including its first woman Prime Minister, first President, first Lok Sabha Speaker. In 1989, Congress brought the Women's Reservation Bill for the first time but it could not be passed in the Lok Sabha due to BJP's four MPs Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Lal Krishna Advani, Yashwant Sinha and Ramjethmalani. They voted against this. Again in 2010 the UPA Government brought it but it could not be passed in Rajya Sabha. Since then this bill remained pending. Congress said that it should be passed again. In 2016, Sonia Gandhi and in 2018 Rahul Gandhi wrote letters to the Prime Minister. But this was done in a hurry due to fear of India alliance. There are many types of errors in it. Union territories like Jammu and Kashmir, Pondicherry and others have not been included in this. Similarly, OBC quota has also not been included in it,” she added.

Nayak said that the ideological party in which RSS has not and can never have a woman Sarsanchalak can never give women their rights. “A great example of this was seen in this bill. If this was the case then BJP could not have attached conditions to this bill. BJP hopes that like its promises made since 2014, women will vote for them because women are suffering due to inflation,” she added.  She also advised the women MPs and Ministers of BJP that they should not forget that they are not just MPs and Ministers of any party. “They also represent half of the country's population. They should speak on inflation, on Manipur, on women's reservation bill. Break the silence. Otherwise the women of the Country will never forgive him. She expresses gratitude to Uma Bharti who has said something on OBC reservation by tweeting in Madhya Pradesh today. The government should immediately conduct a caste census so that it can be known how many people belong to which caste in the Country. The Government has not yet made public the complete data of the 2011 census,” she added.

Hitting hard over OBC issue the party Spokesperson said that among the 10 CMs of BJP, only one is OBC whereas three out of four CMs of Congress are OBC and five of 11 CMs of the Governments running under Congress alliance are OBC.

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