Congress attacks govt over investors’ summit,  demands White Paper

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Congress attacks govt over investors’ summit,  demands White Paper

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 | PNS | Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh Congress on Monday targeted the state government over the investors’ summit, alleging that there was a big scam and several crores of rupees had been spent on false propaganda of inviting investments in Uttar Pradesh.

”Previous governments also used to hold investors’ summits, but ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party government came to power, investors’ summits have become a medium of scams. Almost every year by organising this event, the public's hard earned money is wasted on false publicity,” alleged UP Congress president and former MP Brijlal Khabri, adding that investment worth not even a single paisa came through this summit.

“In the summits held before this, memorandums of understanding (MoUs) worth thousands of crores were said to be signed but how many of them came to the ground in Uttar Pradesh?” he questioned, asking Chief Minister Yogi Aditiyanath to come out with a White Paper in this regard.

He also targeted the government, alleging that ministers in the Yogi Adityanath government were enjoying overseas visits on public money.

“These trips are nothing but a free holiday for Yogi’s cabinet colleagues,” Khabri said, adding that instead of doing any welfare work for the public, the ministers were busy in personal enjoyment on false propaganda of bringing in investment.

Khabri further said that in Uttar Pradesh, where inflation is rising menacingly, unemployment was killing youths, law and order situation was bad and farmers were worried about realising their input cost, it was not right to waste the hard earned money of the public. “The government has no right to play with the future of youths who are compelled to migrate to other places in search of a job,” he said.

He also alleged that all the small industries in the state were in a bad condition, and had the government helped them, unemployment would have definitely reduced to some extent.

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