Convention will change State’s present scenario: Sudesh Mahto

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Convention will change State’s present scenario: Sudesh Mahto

Monday, 02 October 2023 | PNS | Ranchi

The three day AJSU (Party) convention concluded on Sunday in the State Capital. On the concluding day AJSU (P) Chief, Sudesh Mahto said that from the very first day of the historic convention of AJSU would play an important role in changing the current scenario of Jharkhand. He said that the suggestions and guidance that have emerged from this auditorium for the development of Jharkhand should be welcomed.

On the last day, Sudesh Mahato was elected President of AJSU Party unanimously. After becoming the party President, Mahato took an oath of dedication towards the people and following the principles of the party. During this, he expressed his gratitude to the people from all over Jharkhand and the guests from all over the Country for making the convention a success. Mahato said that even in adverse weather, people from every corner of Jharkhand have reached Morhabadi ground in Ranchi. “All this is going to boost my morale. I express my gratitude to the intellectuals, writers and experts and experts on various subjects who have come from all over the country in this Binod Bihari Mahato Auditorium of said Morhabadi Maidan,” he added.

Attacking the State Government, AJSU (P) Chief said, “If the governance is weak, unaccountable, involved in corruption and playing into the hands of unbridled administration, if the common man, Panch and village chaupal do not participate in power, then the talk of good governance will be meaningless. This is the picture of Jharkhand that has emerged under Hemant Soren's Government. Consensus and accountability are important in good governance and self-governance. We and our party have set the goal of moving from self-governance to good governance with nine resolutions of Navnirman. Jharkhandi rights and entitlements will be ensured in this. AJSU Party has moved ahead to awaken the dreams of the State.”

Mahato expressed his gratitude to the people, workers and newly elected representatives who came from the village chaupal. He expressed regret that he could not provide the required facilities to the people and his guests during the convention. Along with this, he thanked the people of print and electronic media. Thanks to whom the objective of the convention could reach the people of the State and the entire Country. During this, he also expressed his gratitude to his workers and other people who helped in decorating the premises of the convention.

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