Culture, Celebration at inauguration of Jharkhand in Kenya

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Culture, Celebration at inauguration of Jharkhand in Kenya

Friday, 21 April 2023 | MILLY MAINA

Culture, Celebration at inauguration of Jharkhand in Kenya

It was a showcase of patriotism and culture as Jharkhand in Kenya (JHIK) was inaugurated during a colourful celebration at Navnat Bhavan, Nairobi on 15th April, 2023.

Jharkhand is a State in eastern India, which was carved out of the southern part of Bihar on 15th November, 2000 to become the country’s 28th state. Its capital is Ranchi. Jharkhand is known for its rich mineral resources, dense forests and diverse tribal culture.

It has a diverse urban population and a representation of mini-India within one state as people from all parts of the country have settled there and call it their home, making Jharkhand the melting pot of Indian traditional and tribal culture. This fusion is unique to the state.

JHIK is the founding chapter of Johar Africa. “Johar” is a traditional greeting used by several tribal communities in the eastern and central regions of India, including Jharkhand as a salutation to show respect and honour. The word has its roots in Sanskrit and is derived from the word "Jai ho," which means "victory to you." Johar to Jharkhand gives the same sense of pride as “Jambo” to Kenya.

“Taking lead from this theme is the very foundation of the idea of setting up Jharkhand in Kenya which will provide a common platform and sense of belonging to people from Jharkhand as well as other states of India to connect and collaborate, ” said JHIK inaugural chairperson Krishna Manohar Kislay.

In his welcome speech, senior JHIK member Arun Mathur called on members to work towards building a strong community on principles of diversity, inclusion and purpose. He emphasised giving opportunity to the youth; giving back to society through CSRs and capacity building initiatives; empowering women; and focusing sustainable growth. Mathur and Kumar Santosh form the part of the think tank behind JHIK.

The inauguration’s chief guest was Safaricom’s Chief Finance Officer Dilip Pal who led the lamp lighting ceremony and oversaw the unveiling of the JHIK logo. Pal took a walk down memory lane of his experience with Jharkhand both personally and professionally.

The event was also graced by the Director of The Asian Weekly Nisha Hirani and Ananya Pal, writer, author and Director of Ananya Pal Production.

Renowned India author and National Spokesperson of BJP Tuhin Sinha joined the occasion live from India and conveyed his best wishes to the JHIK Family.

The cultural program included dance, song, gymnastics and band performances and a fun Q&A session on everything Jharkhand.

Asha Bhoumick wrapped the event which was emceed by Kislay and Nidhi Sinha. It was made possible by Reema Sinha (Photography), Nidhi Sinha (Social Media), Rakesh Ranjan (Audio and Backstage), Sandeep Sinha (F&B), Rohit Singh, Priyendra Shaishav (Guest Management), Ranjeet Gupta (Videography) and Arun Nair (Writing, Digital and Technical).

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