DU student held for selling bank account to fraudsters

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DU student held for selling bank account to fraudsters

Saturday, 25 March 2023 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

A 19-year-old Delhi University student was arrested for allegedly selling his bank account to fraudsters who cheated people by offering them lucrative returns on their investment, police said on Friday.

The accused has been identified as Adil KK, a resident of Jangpura and a native of Kerala, they said.

According to police, a case was registered where the complainant alleged that she was cheated online on the pretext of high returns on the investment. The woman had invested Rs 10.35 lakh through the website www.Blackstonevip.Com.

 After some time, she came to know that she has been cheated as she was unable to withdraw the invested amount, they said.

 During the investigation, it was found that Rs 7.35 lakh out of the cheated amount was transferred to another account that was opened in the name of Adil. After technical surveillance, Adil’s location was traced, a raid was conducted and he was arrested, Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer) Harendra Singh said.

 During the investigation, it was also found that more than Rs 62 lakh were deposited in the beneficiary bank account in just two days, police said.

 Adil disclosed that he had received Rs 25,000 for selling his bank account to a resident of Kerala through one of his room partners, who is also a resident of Kerala, police said.

 It was further revealed that victims are lured by offering lucrative returns on their invested amount through the application. They were directed through Telegram or WhatsApp to create an account on a fake website operated by people from abroad, the DCP said.

 They initially give high returns on a small investment of Rs 100 to Rs 1,000. The victims are also able to remit the return to their bank accounts. This was done to gain the confidence of the victims and to make them invest huge amounts, police said.

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