Fighter planes and helicopters roar in the sky of Bhopal

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Fighter planes and helicopters roar in the sky of Bhopal

Sunday, 01 October 2023 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

The Indian Air Force performed its largest air-show in the country over water at the Boat Club at Upper Lake in the state capital; the occasion was 91st Foundation Day.

At the time of the air-show a tin roof collapsed on which people climbed to have a clear look of the air show. The injured were rushed to hospital who survived the accident with minor injuries.

Apart from the incident massive traffic jams were witnessed in all the the nearby areas of the air-show venue.

During the show, refueling aircraft IL-78 in Gajraj formation filled fuel in two M-2000 aircraft in the air. Two Chinook helicopters held position just a few feet above the water on the large pond. The helicopter took rounds in this position. Tejas dived in the air at top speed.

Nine Surya Kiran aircraft formed a diamond shape at a height of 6000 feet. In honor of Bhojeshwar Mahadev, aircrafts performed in the shape of a trident in the sky.

In the air show, first of all, 10 members of Akash Ganga team did sky diving by parachute in the big pond from a height of 8000 feet in MI-17 V-5 helicopters. After two Chinook helicopters took off from Manuabhan Tekri, 4 Chetak helicopters flew in flag formation.

Meanwhile, at 10.17 am, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan along with his wife Sadhna Singh arrived to watch the air-show.

C-130J Super Hercules, AN-32 aircraft in the Prithvi formation also performed feats. While 5 Jaguar aircrafts made Shamsheer formation, 4 HAL Dhruv helicopters of the Sarang team made heart shapes in the air.

There was a massive traffic jam in Old Bhopal in the capital Bhopal for more than two and a half hours. People from all over the city had come on two-wheelers and four-wheelers to see it. They parked their vehicles on the roads and nearby streets. Due to this the traffic system deteriorated. Vehicles had to crawl for hours to get from the old city to the new city.

In the air show, warplanes of the Indian Air Force performed acrobatics in the sky over the Big Pond. There were long queues of vehicles at Kamla Park, VIP Road, Shyamala Hills, Cable Stay Bridge since 10:45 am. People had already reached these places and parked their vehicles to watch the air show. Watched the air show sitting on cars and bikes. Due to this the roads got jammed. Even two hours after the end of the air show, vehicles remained stranded from Boat Club to Vardhaman Park, Bharat Bhawan, Khushboo Park's main road, Polytechnic and Retghat. People were not able to even walk.

ACP Vikram Raghuvanshi of traffic police said that we had made all efforts to make arrangements. 75 traffic police personnel were deployed on VIP Road alone, which included a TI. Along with this, help was taken to make arrangements for NCC students. There was no jam anywhere. There was a lot of crowd, hence it took more time for people to leave. People parked their vehicles on the roads instead of parking in the parking lots. Due to this, vehicles got stuck on VIP Road and Sand Ghat, whereas the police had issued an advisory regarding the program two days earlier. 







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