Govt to equip UP assembly with new speech recognition software

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Govt to equip UP assembly with new speech recognition software

Tuesday, 28 November 2023 | PNS | Lucknow

In a bid to propel Uttar Pradesh further into the realm of technological progress, the Yogi Adityanath government is now directing its focus on enhancing the efficiency of the state’s legislative assembly through the adoption of advanced technology. As part of this initiative, preparations are underway to introduce speech recognition software in the legislative assembly.

The new software is anticipated to bring a host of features aimed at facilitating a seamless and structured conduct of sessions within the legislative assembly. A tender has been issued for the development and procurement of the speech recognition software. The entire process is being conducted through the e-tender portal.

It is worth noting that various states across the country have already digitised their legislative assembly proceedings through the implementation of the National e-Vidhan application. Uttar Pradesh, under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, embraced this technological transformation in May 2022, introducing the e-Vidhan application in the legislative assembly. Since then, all sessions have been conducted using this application, marking a significant stride towards a more tech-savvy and efficient legislative process.

According to the applications sought by the Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly secretariat in Lucknow through an e-tender for the purchase of speech recognition software, this software will be equipped with many features. This software will be capable of eliminating noise-related interference during the live telecast of the assembly session. This will not only improve live feeds, but will also help in video output during legislative assembly proceedings. Furthermore, the media stands to gain from this technological upgrade, as the speech recognition process ensures the generation of high-quality video and voice feeds.

This speech recognition software will be developed and used by those technology companies that have a wide presence in Uttar Pradesh and have expertise in developing this type of software. This selected entity will undertake the comprehensive task of establishing the entire system, encompassing the acquisition and setup of the requisite equipment necessary for the flawless execution of the software during legislative assembly proceedings.

The deadline for applying for an e-tender through the portal is December 4, and all the processes of work allocation and software purchase will be completed as per the rule book of the Uttar Pradesh government.

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