Incentives of entrepreneurs to be processed online

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Incentives of entrepreneurs to be processed online

Saturday, 01 April 2023 | PNS | Lucknow

All the incentives of the entrepreneurs investing in the state will be processed online as 'Nivesh Sarathi', the UP government’s single-window clearance system, will enable the entrepreneurs investing in the state to receive the incentives online.

The ‘Online Incentive Management System’ will start functioning after entrepreneurs apply for incentives on the Nivesh Sarathi portal.

In case of any errors or issues during the process, the investors will also be able to review the application within 15 days and then the online incentives will be given to the investors as soon as the process of verification of the application is completed.

The Yogi Adityanath government has issued necessary guidelines for the effective implementation of the online incentive management system developed under the Nivesh Mitra portal for incentives and concessions given in various investment promotion policies. 

Apart from this, it has been directed to make the online incentive management system universally accessible, technology-enabled and multidimensional without human intervention and to implement it completely.

As soon as the application form for obtaining departmental incentive and concession is submitted through the online incentive management system, the officers concerned of the nodal department will see the application in their log-in account. The officers concerned of all the nodal departments will be able to send the received applications to other departments for opinion.

After checking the application form, if any shortcoming is found at any point, the entrepreneur will be sent it for review after informing about those shortfalls. The entrepreneur will have to respond to the review within 15 days.  If the entrepreneur does not provide the information sought in the review within 15 days, then the officer of the nodal department will be free to take further action on the application.

After verification, the nodal department can select those applications which need to be included in the agenda note. The nodal department can send the applications to the competent authorised committee by uploading the agenda note. After the approval of the authorised committee, the department concerned will be able to upload the copy of digitally signed LOC or signed Letter of Comfort (LOC) given against the application of the entrepreneur. 

Its update will also be visible to the entrepreneur on the dashboard located in his login ID.

The entrepreneur will also get the facility to download the LOC.  Not only this, the department will recommend disbursal of departmental incentives and concessions. If any report is required from any CA or any district level officer in relation to any application, then that too will be contacted through the portal itself.

As per the guidelines, all related incentives and concessions will be selected, approved and distributed through this system. Therefore, it will be mandatory for the beneficiary investors to register through Nivesh Sarathi to take benefits of the scheme and from April 15, 2023, all the work will be done only under the online Incentives Management System. No offline application will be accepted after April 15, 2023. 

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