Kejriwal backs Mann's crackdown on drug offenders

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Kejriwal backs Mann's crackdown on drug offenders

Tuesday, 03 October 2023 | PNS | Patiala

Amidst the controversy surrounding the arrest of Congress MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira on the charges related to drug trafficking and possible threat to the INDIA bloc at the national level, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday expressed his support for the Punjab Government's recent crackdown on drug offenders.


Kejriwal, addressing the gathering, emphasized the need for unity across political lines when it comes to combating the drug menace. “Our fight is not against any party or leader; it’s against drugs. Drugs have destroyed our youth and our entire generation. We will not tolerate drug abuse, and there will be no compromise on this issue.”


Citting a recent high-profile arrest related to drug trafficking, Kejriwal questioned why certain political parties had criticized Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s actions in this regard. He urged all parties to take a strong stand against drug offenders within their ranks and hand them over to the police.


Delhi Chief Minister continued by saying, “I appeal to all political parties that if anyone within your party is involved in drug abuse, expel them and hand them over to the police. We will not tolerate drugs, and there will be no forgiveness, regardless of whether it's our party leader or not.”


Khaira, a three-time MLA, was arrested by the Fazilka police in connection with a drug trafficking case dating back eight years. He was initially taken into custody in Chandigarh and subsequently presented before the Jalalabad court, where he was remanded in two days of police custody. Later, Khaira was shifted to the Faridkot and then Nabha jails.


Khaira is accused of aiding a drug trafficker in evading arrest by making several calls to police officers. His arrest has generated considerable attention and sparked a debate on the government's determination to combat drug-related issues in Punjab.


Kejriwal's visit to Patiala and his vocal support for a stringent stance on drug offenders signal the AAP's commitment to addressing the critical issue of drug abuse in the state. The Delhi Chief Minister's message was clear: no political affiliation should protect those involved in drug-related crimes, and unity is essential in the fight against drug abuse that has plagued Punjab for years.

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