Month on, action not taken against Tarbha officials yet

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Month on, action not taken against Tarbha officials yet

Saturday, 28 January 2023 | SRIKUMAR MAHANTA | SONEPUR

Although more than a month has passed since a land registration was executed on a fake legal heir certificate in Tarbha tehsil, allegedly due to a nexus between some venal officials with the land seller, no action has been taken against the accused


After coming across a news in The Pioneer on the case, Tehsildar Suryamani Bhoi cancelled the land registration.


Sources said a land had been registered by using a fake legal heir certificate some months ago in Tarbha Tehsil. The registration of land of Tirtha Rana and Surubabu Rana in Tarbha NAC was executed on the basis of using a fake legal heir certificate. The fraud came to the light recently when a person scanned the QR code of legal heir certificate of the seller , which showed it was one Kalanidhi Sahu’s legal heir certificate.


However, Kalanidhi Sahu’s family was also shocked to see that their legal heir certificate had been edited and used as that of Tirtha Rana and Surubabu Rana. Kalanidhi Sahu’s photo in the legal heir certificate was replaced with that of another person named Jogeswar Rana. In place of Miscellaneous Certificate Case No., another number had been typed.


Notably, before registration of a land, the Sub Register seeks a report from the Tehsildar regarding the land status. After that the Tehsildar gives an order to the Revenue Inspector to give him the spot verification report of the land. By getting the Revenue Inspector's report, the Sub Registar moves forward for the land registration. The Sub Register is supposed to check all the original documents of the seller.


But in this case, how the sub register couldn't find the legal heir certificate to be fake is a big question among the locals.


When contacted Sub Register Bhoi said that after getting information about the case from The Pioneer, I have already cancelled the land registration and I will definitely take action against the officials involved in the scam."


Locals meanwhile demanded the direct intervention of the Subarnapur Collector cum District Magistrate in the matter and legal action against the  officials involved in the scam.

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