People fed up with political rhetoric of BJP: Mahara

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People fed up with political rhetoric of BJP: Mahara

Wednesday, 31 May 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Launching an assault on the BJP governments at centre and the State, the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president Karan Mahara has said that the people are now fed up with the rhetoric of the BJP. In a statement on Tuesday he said that the promises made to the people during the elections have become only rhetoric but now the people have understood it and have removed BJP from power in Karnataka.

He said that the Congress party gave the slogan of Garibi Hatao and it was implemented on ground during the tenures of Indira Gandhi to Manmohan Singh. Listing the achievements of the Congress governments, the PCC president said that it was MNREGA which supported the people who had to return back to their villages during the pandemic of Covid-19. He added that the Congress government gave Right to Education (RTE) , in which the children of poor parents are able to study in the private schools. He added that the Right to Information (RTE) is also a gift of the UPA government which is now proving to be instrumental in exposing the corruption of the BJP government. Mahara said that in the last nine years of its rule, the Modi government has only made announcements which vanished into thin air in less than six months. The poor have to pay Rs 1200 to refill the cooking gas cylinders under the Ujjwala scheme and in many houses these cylinders have become mere showpieces.

 He listed nationalisation of banks, abolishing privy purses of kings, setting up of Navratna companies and other industries as achievements of the Congress governments of the past. The PCC president said that unemployment is at its peak, the prices are spiralling out of control, corruption has broken all records and the voice of opposition is being stifled by use of central government agencies.

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