Permission granted to hold religious congregation in Daltonganj with conditions

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Permission granted to hold religious congregation in Daltonganj with conditions

Saturday, 25 November 2023 | PNS | DALTONGANJ

A temporary permission to hold religious congregation on December 10 to 12, to be conducted by the nationally reputed and venerated  Dhirender Krishan Shashtri of the Bagheshwar Dhaam has raised a few posers. 


The order of permission has been issued by the SDO sadar A K Tiwary dated November 22.

The order reads that this temporary permission may be cancelled in the event of special circumstances and action may be initiated in the event of the violation of the conditions as laid down by the administration against the organisers under the provision of the disaster management act 2005.


The order has 19 conditions along with the rider that this temporary permission may be cancelled in special circumstances taking the total to 20. 


But there is no word as to how early or before a reversal of the temporary permission may come in as if it is done close to December 10 then there will be a big chaos and terrible loss for the organisers. 


Sources said the organiser of this mega religious congregation has a right to know about any adverse decision coming in much before the mega congregation. 


The order has its first condition which reads that no indecent or undignified speech or statement against any political party is to be done during the religious ceremony. 


Sources said as this is going to be a  religious ceremony, there ought to be a rider for not using any hurtful thing like speech or statement against any other faith, religion, race, dress of the faith  etc which may tantamount to hate content than bringing in the ambit of the conditions any political party which appears to be out of the context. 


Again the use of the loud speaker is for the duration 7am to 8pm as reads the order in regard to the December 10 ceremony. 


Here again there is the order of the court to have the use of the public address system shut by 10 at night starting 6am. The ECI too goes by this duration during the election period. 


Sources said the permission to use the public address system between 7am to 8pm only is against the order of the court. 


The order asks for maintaining appropriate Covid behaviour which is also outlandish at this time and is seen by the organiser as a deliberate inconvenience. 


Sources said the timing of the issuance of the order dated November 22 is significant as a day later this matter of permission to hold religious congregation was to come up in the Jharkhand High Court Ranchi.


The district administration coming clean and transparent rushed to issue this temporary permission on November 22 itself. 


A senior civil society activist cum well known member of the Palamu chamber of commerce  Sardar Indrajeet Singh Dimple said, "A writ was filed in the High Court Ranchi. It was against the dilly dallying attitude of the district administration in terms of permission to hold this historic religious ceremony here in Daltonganj."


Dimple further said "Now, the permission has come albeit temporary and with numerous conditions as laid there in the order dated November 22 the preparations are  on for the grand religious congregation."

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