Rs 12 Lakh looted from ATM in Bokaro's Peterwar

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Rs 12 Lakh looted from ATM in Bokaro's Peterwar

Friday, 20 January 2023 | SURESH NIKHAR | BERMO

Rs 12 lakh were stolen from an SBI ATM in Bokaro's Petarwar here on Wednesday evening. As per the initial reports, some unidentified miscreants entered the ATM and decamped with the cash alongwith ATM machine.

The matter came to light on Wednesday evening, when the departmental engineer arrived to rectify the fault in the ATM machine, which was found to be not functioning since Saturday. It was closed down on Saturday at 12.30 pm.

Caretaker of the ATM machine, Ranjit Nayak informed the senior officer about it.  After this, on the instructions of the senior officials, the shutter of the ATM was closed from outside.  On Monday evening, after opening the shutter of the ATM, senior officers took a photo of the damaged machine and again closed the shutter of the ATM.

On Wednesday evening around 5 pm, senior officers arrived with the engineer to make the ATM machine and found a key and lock in the shutter outside the ATM.

 When the lock was opened, everyone was stunned to see the inside view. The ATM machine was found missing from inside the cabin.  They Immediately informed the police of Petarwar. 

On getting information, Petarwar police station in-charge Vinay Kumar reached and inquired about the incident. Petwar police are scanning the CCTV footage.  It was told that cash van personnel had put Rs 25 lakh in the ATM machine on Friday. The police are investigating the matter.

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