Security guidelines issued for consecration ceremony

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Security guidelines issued for consecration ceremony

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 | PNS | Ayodhya


As the eagerly awaited consecration ceremony at Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya is scheduled from January 20 to January 24, the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust has issued strict guidelines, stipulating that no umbrellas, sticks or wooden sandals will be permitted during the event.
The ceremony is expected to attract around 7,000 guests to the Ram Janmabhoomi complex and comprehensive safety standards will be diligently enforced throughout.
In a bid to ensure the safety and organised conduct of the event, all attendees, including sadhus and saints, are required to adhere to the specified guidelines.
General secretary the Trust, Champat Rai said that preparations were already in progress to compile an exhaustive guest list for those entering the expansive 70-acre Ram Janmabhoomi complex. The event was expected to see participants from all districts and states across the country, with special invitations extended to recipients of the prestigious Padma awards.
Recognising the unique needs of elderly saints and sadhus, Champat Rai issued a heartfelt appeal, urging them to consider planning their temple visit for February, after the consecration ceremony, to ensure they receive the necessary attention.
The participation of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several other dignitaries emphasises the event’s significance, leading to the implementation of robust security arrangements. Some guests may be required to traverse distances of up to two kilometers, prompting advice to consider their health and individual circumstances when planning their visit to Ayodhya.
Furthermore, guests may be required to sit for extended periods, ranging from three to four hours, within the Ram Janmabhoomi complex. Access to seek blessings from Ramlala will only be granted once the prime minister departs, adding a sense of solemnity and reverence to the occasion.

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