Senior citizens welcome initiative of Doon police

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Senior citizens welcome initiative of Doon police

Sunday, 01 October 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Many senior citizens in Dehradun have appreciated the initiative undertaken by the Doon police to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Recently, Dehradun senior superintendent of police Ajai Singh has instructed all police officers to visit elderly individuals residing in the district whose children do not live with them. In addition, he has directed officials to inquire about the wellbeing of the senior citizens and provide them with necessary assistance.

According to Singh, the safety of senior citizens is among the top priorities for him. He informed that he has instructed all the police station in-charges to inquire about the needs elderly people and their expectation from the police from time to time.

A senior citizen, Pushpa Arora said that the implementation of such an initiative by the police department is commendable as it will contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of the elderly individuals. She said that she is 60-years-old and her children live in another city due to work commitments. She said that she often worries about her health and wellbeing as she lives alone in Dehradun. However, she believes that this initiative by the police will not only enhance her physical wellbeing but also provide her with a sense of mental security.  She hopes that she will have the opportunity to discuss her personal concerns with the police officers, she added.

Another senior citizen Gulshan Chaturvedi said, “I would like to express my admiration for the recent initiative undertaken by the Doon police aimed at improving the wellbeing of senior citizens in the city. This initiative is crucial as many senior citizens live alone and often experience feelings of depression. By implementing such measures, the Doon police will contribute to alleviating this issue and provide much needed support for the elderly.”

State programme manager of HelpAge India Krishna Avtar told this correspondent, “The new initiative undertaken by the Doon police for the elderly population deserves commendation. The police have efficiently compiled and maintained a comprehensive database regarding senior citizens. Through this initiative, senior citizens will be empowered by acquiring knowledge about their rights and will be safeguarded from any potential acts of cruelty. With such an initiative, the Doon police will contribute to a reduction in the crime rate targeting senior citizens.”

He further appealed to the police to consider organising training programmes for senior citizens within the city, focusing on digital literacy. Such a programme will equip the elderly individuals with valuable skills and knowledge regarding various aspects of the digital platform, he added. 

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